Celeb Style Crush: Vanessa Hudgens

Saturday 22 March 2014

It's no secret that I have a HUGE girl crush on uber babe Vanessa Hudgens. She's the ultimate boho princess and I just love her everyday style! As I'm obsessed with Pinterest (it's great for getting fashion inspo), I created a board dedication to my style icon.

I can't wait to see what she wears to Coachella this year because in my opinion, she's always the best dressed festival-goer. She's a massive fan of Free People and loves tons of cool brands such as Jen's Pirate Booty, MINKPINK and One Teaspoon! I'm not sure which music festivals I'll be attending this year but I always look to the girls of Coachella for festival style inspiration. This Spring/Summer I plan on wearing more kimonos and maxi dresses than ever before. I also want a lot more quartz/boho jewellery so I can channel my inner boho babe. Sometimes I feel I should've been born in California... *SIGH*.

Who is your celebrity style crush? Are you a fellow pinaholic?

T - Crushin'.


  1. I really love what she wears too!
    Pinterest is really the perfect place when you have a style crush!


  2. I agree, I love her style so much :) I really want to be more boho this summer too. I always have good intentions and have some pretty beautiful bits in my wardrobe but end up just choosing the items that make me look like a little goff as always! I'm definitely going to have a maxi summer though. In fact, I've been wearing them almost constantly for months - sooo comfy! xxx


  3. You are my ultimate boho princess T! As for celebs, I think Em Watson always looks amazing :) xxx

  4. I love how she dresses but I could never pull it off, especially as we don't exactly have Coachella weather! I seriously don't know what I'd do without pinterest, biggest source of inspiration for me xxx

  5. She's got such a laid back but unique style, I really like how she adds different accessories to her outfits.

  6. Oh my! Vanessa Hudgens looks fantastic in all of the photos and I love most of the fashions she was wearing in them. I love the photos of her at the Gimme Shelter screening, wearing the babydoll in the photo titled "Lovers + Friends", all the gowns with sheer tulle in them, in the photos tiled "Always perfect", "what a babe", in "Jen's Pirate Booty", "Crochet dress + glads = yum." Oh heck, I like all of them. I don't have a Pinterest account but wouldn't mind having my photos all over Pinterest at all. It looks like fun. I can see you'll be styling some inspired outfits this Spring!


  7. Vanessa Hudgens rocks Boho style! I also love when she wears maxi skirts and dresses. <3



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