Monday, 2 December 2013

The Dressing Room's Becksondergaard Blogger Challenge!

We were recently asked to take part in The Dressing Room's exciting Becksondergaard blogger challenge! The girls sent us a beautiful scarf each and asked us to style it in a different way. We're just two of the bloggers involved in this project, and the thought behind it is that each blogger participating will be able to showcase their individual style and let their personality shine through. 

Scarf: c/o The Dressing Room - Jeans: c/o Meltin' Pot - Boots: New Look - Shirt: Internacionale

I usually wear all of my scarves in the same way so decided to head to Pinterest for some pinspiration... and found this awesome tutorialIt took a few attempts to get right, but the end result was worth it - I love how it turned out! I know it's probably not something everyone would feel comfortable wearing but I think it's a really pretty and unusual way to tie a scarf. 

Dressing Room Blogger ChallengeOutfit: Scarf - Becksondergaard c/o Dressing Room, Coat - Reiss, Dress - c/o Poppy Luxe, Tights - TK Maxx, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell, Bag - BANK.
 Becksondergaard Tiger Scarf

Jade has styled the scarf to make a low cut dress a bit more wearable for a daytime winter look! By folding it into a triangle, making a bib, then pulling the opposite corners around her neck, she creates a full, draped effect that covers the deep v neck of the dress so you'd never know there was any skin exposed under there, ta daaaaa! The scarf also lifts the heavy black winter coat, making it the perfect versatile AW13 accessory :)

Our pretty scarves are from Becksondergaard's SS14 collection but The Dressing Room do have an amazing range of the AW13 scarves at the moment. They're great for keeping stylish necks warm and also make fantastic gifts. We can't wait to see how the other bloggers have styled theirs!

How do you wear your scarves? Are you ever tempted to try a new styling technique?

T & J - Thanks to The Dressing Room team for our early Christmas pressies! XoX


  1. I love the bow idea! How unusual, I don't think I've ever seen a scarf tied like that before but it's very pretty! I'll have to head over to pinterest! xxx

  2. I wear scarves ALL THE TIME!!! A little obsessed with them actually. I love how you’ve both tied these…the bow is so original; I’ve never seen a scarf tied like that!!

  3. Aww I love how you both have styled your scarfs! Tara the bow idea is super cute and matches your super duper cute face. Yes Jade we don't want those boobies to get cold :D xx

  4. looking phenomenal!!!
    I love that bow!!!

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  5. Such cute scarves! I love the different way you both styled these. I don't think i'm brave enough to try the bow but you rock it!

  6. The way you've tied that into a bow is SO cute! I've never seen scarves worn that way, I really wanna try it if I can find a scarf big enough xxx

  7. That's such a creative way to wear a scarf, I wear my scarfs the same as jade :D I love when you two have a challenge to do x

  8. Cute as always darling! I'm in love with super cute big bow!

  9. Cute scarf, love the bow look

    Donna x

  10. Love how you two have styled yours, I'm going to have a play with mine tomorrow =) x

  11. The bib/triangle is my go-to scarf style but I love the pussy bow look - might have to give it a whirl :)

  12. You look amazing! Perfect and great look :) You shoes are gorgeous :)
    If you`ll have time please visit my blog :)

  13. great outfit and nice post! I'm your new follower :)

  14. Love the bow x

  15. Very cool love the bow!!! I wasn't quite as imaginative I have to admit!

  16. You have both styled the scarf amazingly! I love the idea of tying it in a bow :) xx


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