Rawrgirls Review . . . Artdeco Cream Rouge For Cheeks and Lips!

Tuesday 22 October 2013

I do love a good cream blush, and the Artdeco Cream Rouge for Cheeks & Lips (RRP £12 each) is my new fave! The finely-milled pigments provide an evenly pigmented finish, it's free of fragrances, parabens, talc and silicon, and thanks to the wax and oil base it is easily blended to how you like it. It can also be used on the lips so it's an ideal handbag buddy.

I nabbed Creamy Pink and Creamy Orange, and I can't choose a favourite, so I used both of them for the purposes of this review!

Whenever I shop in Liverpool I always have to have a little nosey at the Artdeco display in Debenhams Liverpool One so when I discovered that us Artdeco Debenhams Liverpool One girls have our own Facebook Page I was like, LIKE! ;) Such a good idea to have individual FB fan pages for department store concessions, us girls do love to have a gab about our fave things and share tips, I'd love to see more like this!

Back to the review . . . I'm a fan of the Artdeco packaging anyway, it's sleek but sturdy, but the mirror in this product is pretty handy considering it's an on the move touch up item. The colours in the pots look super bright but don't be scared, it's easy to apply them with a sheer finish and build them up to a brighter look if you prefer :)

I always find taking pics of any face products difficult because the colours can just disappear on camera but I tried my best! The Creamy pink was used on the apples of my cheeks while the Creamy Orange was used on my cheekbones for a bit of warm contouring, and also on my lips. It has a gorgeous silky texture which leaves no sticky feeling on the skin which is a total bonus with cream blush and it sits on the lips like a creamy gloss, and does not dry up to a chalky residue which is a pet hate of mine when using 2 in 1 lip and cheek products - hurrah!

This pic shows the colours after a little blemish concealing (mainly on my chin though) and a very light dusting of powder on my T Zone (I actually like a dewy cheeked look so I tend to avoid powdering that area anyway). I haven't applied any other blush or bronzer on top of the review product and you can definitely see the Cream Rouge glowing through still, it looks so fresh and natural and I'm really pleased with the way Creamy Pink and Creamy Orange work together! The orange looks really good on the top of my cheekbones, more natural looking than using a bronzer for shading I think? The Creamy Orange on my lips is so pretty, it instantly warms my skin up and makes me wonder why this is the first orange cream gloss in my kit?! I have had a few juicy, clear oranges but none like this until now. TUT!

Overall this is a product I can definitely recommend buying if you're a cream blush fan. I even love it on my lips, so it's great value for money! 

If Debenhams Liverpool One is your local beauty haunt, make sure you like the Artdeco Debenhams Liverpool page because they often post about exclusive offers and events that you might miss if you haven't popped in for a while! There is nothing more annoying than finding out about a discount day, or a chance to check out a new product before anyone else, after it's been and gone!

J - Artdeco oh oh oh!


  1. Love the colour of both the blushes, I'm still to own a cream blush but these are the colours I'd go for as they're most natural x


  2. Oooh, these look lovely! Look gorgeous too! :)
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

  3. these look gorgeous, I need when I'm off my makeup ban!

  4. WAIT. Artdeco is available in LIVERPOOL? I never knew this!!! I'm rushing out tomorow morning to Debenhams!

    Dull Weather, Bright Nails


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