How To Customise Denim With McArthurglen Part 2! #ArtOfDenim

Tuesday 15 October 2013

I'm very rarely seen without a bit of denim in an outfit, and while I don't have quite as many pair of jeans as Tara (who does?!) I definitely have my fair share! So when we were contacted by McArthurGlen Designer Outlets to take part in their blogger denim customising challenge, we were like, yessssssssssssssss!! As Tara said yesterday, we both received a very exciting chest stuffed to the brim with tools and trims, and of course, two yummy pieces of premium denim to work with!

If you aren't familiar with McArthurGlen, they have six outlet stores (Ashford, Bridgend, Cheshire Oaks, East Midlands, Swindon and York) which stock on-trend designer and premium fashion bargains for less (up to 60% off). I am often found in the Cheshire Oaks outlet village bagging myself affordable treats! 

Anyhoo, in my chest I found an amazing classic Levis denim jacket and a hot pair of grey 7 For All Mankind skinnies. Talk about winning from the get go . . . 

Outfit: Jacket - Levis c/o McArthurGlen, Jeans - 7FAM c/o McArthurGlen, Hat - H&M, Vest - TShirt Subway, Shoes - Dr Martens. 

uk style and fashion blog #artofdenim customising studs outfit post

I don't think I need to comment on how amazing the Levis jacket is. It's just classic cool. Surprisingly I don't have one in my wardrobe since I grew out of the one I had in uni (oh the pain of age!), so I literally squee'd and held it up like Simba when I pulled it out of the chest!

The 7FAM jeans are absolute babes too. I sized up to get a boyfriend-esque fit and they look all kinds of awesome sitting low on my hips and turned up. Premium denim like this never gets old. I have a few pairs of 7FAM and these are definitely my new faves, effortlessly stylish by themselves and super comfortable. 

uk style and fashion blog #artofdenim customising studs outfit post

I thought the jacket and the jeans gave off a bit of a long hair don't care roadie vibe when paired together, so I nabbed my fave Prince vest, some of my cute vintage Prince badges and my DM's and set to studding up a storm! 

Less is definitely more, and seeing as I decided early on to put the focus on my jacket I decided to just do a simple stud design on the turn up on one leg of the jeans. I think it works really well!

I had what I thought was a cool idea of doing a leopard print stud pattern on the arm of the jacket, but I soon realised that it was harder than a very hard thing on Planet Hard. Never knowingly outdone however, I carried on regardless and this is what I ended up with. Call it a haphazard collection of random patterns if you want but I swear to Patz, I can see the leopard spots in there somewhere ;) Carpe diem okay? I looked hot in it.

I carried on the 'leopard' (ahem) studding onto the collar just to keep it flowing a little, then added my Prince badges and ta daaaaaa! Roadie/groupie chic circa 1988. Lovesexy indeed.

I had a pretty good time working this challenge and it's definitely inspired me to try a little customising on other pieces in my wardrobe. I totally plan to nail the leopard studding idea, maybe by picking up some black and gold studs and working my pattern out on grid paper . . . oh the possibilities!

As Tara said yesterday, this blogger challenge ties in with McArthurGlen's latest campaign called The Art of Denim which runs from 5th-20th October. Their six outlets have launched a creative schedule of denim activity and they're even offering shoppers further savings on denim labels!

If you fancy winning a £50 gift card to spend at your nearest McArthurGlen outlet, just click here for the details of our latest Twitter giveaway which ends this weekend. All you need to do is tweet us a pic of you wearing your fave denim outfit, everybody has one, so click through and get to reading the deets and rules stat!

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  1. This is such a cool challenge! I love what you did with Levi jacket, I'm a big denim fan x

  2. good look! beautifull!

  3. Love the martens and the Prince's heart <3

  4. Love your hat, such a gorgeous colour and those boots are AMAZING! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


  6. Eee, your Doc's go so well with this outfit! Super cute! <3 xxx

  7. That jacket is so cool!

    Jodie Marie |

  8. I love the pops of cobalt blue. It's my favorite color! New follower :)


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