Glastonbury Festival Fashion Wishlist!

Monday 17 June 2013

I'll be heading to Glastonbury next week so there's just about time to squeeze in some last minute shopping! Today I've been buying boring things (camping mats etc) but I can't help but think about some of the festival fashion essentials I'm lacking...

Glastonbury Wishlist!

Currently out of stock *SOB*, this super cute jumper by Candy Kittens is perfect for throwing over a vest when it starts to get chilly in the evenings at Glasto. It's all about layering to keep warm.

2. Pepe Jeans Thom Denim Shorts (Was £66 Now £33)
Can you believe I don't own any suitable festival shorts? I quite fancy this black pair, I have a thing for aztec inspired pieces and I really like the length of these. Super cute.

3. Dog Print Anorak (£35)
My favourite piece from this wishlist is the cutest rain mac ever by Brat & Suzie! Part of me wishes the hood had ears but I still love it. I also like that it's transparent so it doesn't hide your outfit (which took weeks to plan haha).

4. Timex Digital Watch (£39.99)
Jade has the green version of this and I've been eyeing up for a few weeks now. I don't own any waterproof watches so this one would be great for making sure I don't miss my favourite acts! 

5. Floral Headband (£20)
I already have a yummy mint headband from Crown & Glory but I can't help but think a beige one would look awesome with each of my outfits! That being said, better keep it away from the mud... 

6. Wildfox Antler Feathers Dress (£92)
This dress is oh so dreamy! It screams festival fashion and I can totally see Vanessa Hudgens wearing it. I'd pair it with some Dr. Marten wellies and my fedora...*SWOON*

So who wants to lend me £300 so I can have the best Glastonbury wardrobe ever!? ;) Please do a little sun dance for me next week because I want to get my tan on.

T - Better get shopping! XoX


  1. I love the little anorak - so cute and practical too! Make sure you stay safe when you're there and I hope the sun shines for you :) xxx

  2. Those shorts are so cute! My wish list also consist of a flower headband... I'm thinking of a DIY project soon!

    Xo, Delightful Sunflower

  3. Loving the dog print anorak, if I were going to glastonbury, I think that would be on my wish list aswell!


  4. I love the floral dress, so cute and I just can't get enough of floral prints at the moment. Crown and Glory do some really pretty flower crowns too so I can understand why you've got that one on your list! :)

    Kathryn x

  5. so jealous you are going to glastonbury! Love the dress.

    Lola xx

  6. That dog print anorak! I dieeeee! xxx

  7. oooh wish I was going to glasto, my brothers going so he'll probs rub my nose in it how cool it was! That doggy anorak is so cute! Also I'm apreciating the henry cavill pic in the sidebar ;) x

  8. Ahhh that Wildfox Dress.. swoooooooon! I wish I could afford so much of their stuff. Hope you have a wicked time at Glasto, I go to Hurricane Festival in Germany tomorrow and I can't wait!! xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  9. I'm with you on the sun dance! Keeping fingers crossed we get to wear all our summer gear :) x


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