Benefit Cosmetics FakeUp Concealer Launch at Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool!

Friday, 22 March 2013

This week I was invited to the Benefit Cosmetics FakeUp Concealer launch at Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool! Amazing events like this hardly ever come to my favourite city so I was there with bells on! FakeUp, £18.50, is Benefit's new hydrating, crease control concealer which instantly hides dark circles and diffuses fine lines for silky smooth coverage. The concealing core comes in 3 shades and the hydrating outer ring is proven to keep skin hydrated for 6 hours with vitamin E and apple seed extract - yum!

HN Beauty Bazaar is like the mothership to Liverpool makeup lovers, and once inside we were greeted by the gorgeous Joanne, Rachael and Lisa, along with two locally based Benefit lovelies, and made to feel right at home with a glass of bubbly and nibbles. The Benefit corner was beautifully set up for a good show and tell and the Benebabes kicked things off with a fun quiz (with prizes!) about the star of the show, FakeUp, where I was lucky enough to win the UK's number 1 best seller They're Real mascara, which worked out perfectly because it was top of my list for when my current mazzy ran out!

Once the ice was broken, Lisa demonstrated how to use FakeUp on Rachael. It was so easy to achieve a perfect first time application, just a 'V' shape under the eye and a quick outward pat with her ring finger and Rachael's skin looked really bright and smooth! We picked up some excellent tips about highlighting and contouring with FakeUp too, for example using the darkest shade under cheekbones to shape them before using the lighter shade to highlight their best shape, a technique I definitely intend to try out myself!

Joanne, Rachael and Lisa quizzing us, Lisa faking up Rachael and a couple of cushions that wouldn't fit in my handbag - doh!

I think a big SQUEEEEE went around as the girls told us that all three shades of FakeUp were in our take home goodybags, how lucky are we?! I took this pic for you, from L-R 01 Light (my shade), 03 Dark lying down (which I'll use for contouring) and 02 Medium (for when I have a summer glow!). I absolutely LOVE this product. The difference between this and my usual undereye concealer is immense. It feels a little like smoothing a lip balm onto your skin, but don't be put off by this if you're used to cream concealer because once applied it really does it's thing! It doesn't crease or fade during my working day at all, and I usually find myself touching up at about lunchtime, but this bad boy is still going by 5pm! I've also started using a touch of it around my nose and on my chin as a little highlighter on top of my foundation and it makes my skin look totally fresh. FakeUp is my new best friend.


After the demo we were treated to personal consultations to determine what shade of FakeUp was best for us, and also what shade of Hello Flawless! powder cover up would ALSO be in our goodybag - whaaaat?! :D Hello Flawless! is currently celebrating it's one year anniversary and it's easy to see why it's so popular, get the right shade and the effect is extraordinary - natural and um well, flawless! Lisa literally took one look at me and decided I was 'Honey', returned with a loaded brush and it just blended seamlessly into my chin. Impressive stuff!
 My face in the hole, my blogging homies doing their thing, chats with the Benebabes and yummy nibbles!

My bloggette's for the night were my homegirl Gemma Satire (obvio), the super sweet Caroline from Caroline's CatwalkBethany from bettyvintage and Rebecca from It's Cohen - mwah! A few of the girls won one of three different World Famous Neutrals eyeshadow kits during the night so I got to check those out too, they're universally flattering and come with cute fold out application tip sheets. At £23.50 each they'd make awesome gifts for your gal pals.

I think we were all super surprised by the crazily epic goodybags that we all left with, so generous! Cue the obligatory be jealz pic . . . ;)

I KNOW RIGHT?!! I'm pretty much set for a few good months of concealing, highlighting,  contouring, covering and fluttering my way into summer here! Lucky girl :)

I think it's safe to say that we all had a great night and grabbed a few tips and pointers from Lisa and the guys. I want to say a massive thanks to Benefit for bringing the FakeUp launch to Liverpool, it's so nice to see major players doing it locally and getting to be a part of it - more please! 

J - You gotta fake it to make it!


  1. wow you got some amazing goodies, the fake up concealer looks so amazing!! :)

  2. Those goody bags are pretty damn impressive, Fake Up looks pretty good too! xxx

  3. This looks like a fun event and the concealer sounds great!

    Sita xx

  4. This looks like a fun Benefit event!
    Boutique Bag Lady

  5. Amazing! I want the 'fake up' concealer now! Am getting the 'they're real' mascara for my birthday next month, yayayayayay!!!! X

  6. I had an amazing time at the event in Newcastle, well jel you got a HelloFlawless powder in your goody bag though aha:) x

  7. That goody bag looks amazing, very jealous! I think I might try this as I've had lots of problems with my under eye concealer creasing so hopefully this'll do the trick!

  8. It was so fun! Great post and photos! Lovely to meet you, hopefully see you at a meet up some time soon! xxxxx

  9. I want to try this concealer so badly! This event looks so nice and I am indeed jealous of your goodie bag :)

  10. You got some amazing goodies, looks like a great event! I really want to try 'Fake Up' :) XO


  11. I've been thinking about getting this concealer since I saw it on the website a couple of weeks ago, I just love benefit products! I need payday to come! Love the idea of using it for contouring - and I for one am well jels of the goodybag, you got loads! xx

  12. Super jealous! This all looks amazing!
    Megan xxx

  13. As soon as my current concealer runs out I am going to be ALL OVER THIS!!! :D


  14. It sounds really good! Think the price is quite good for Benefit as well :) will have to check it out. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger


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