Thursday, 28 February 2013

Cute Petticoats At Boux Avenue!

Okay, so it's not for everyone, but we've quite fell for petticoats and the part they play in this season's western look (think boots, distressed tee, your fave jacket and dusty hair). Tara has got an American Apparel bad boy in the bag, but I'm yet to properly commit, howeverrrrr I'm quite keen on these frilly little numbers from Boux Avenue, the Vixie Lace Petticoat - £30 and available in peach, black and ivory. I spotted them when I was having a browse online and now I must find one to feel up in real life. They look full and flouncy, and I think I'm actually enjoying the lace overlay! Look it . . .

So yes, they're clearly undergarments but underwear as outerwear has been done a million times before and we're not scared of it anymore, so why the hell not?! I'm definitely off to Boux to see if I can catch me one of these varmints, and if it doesn't work as a skirt, then I'll treat the boyfriend to a little Saturday night saloon showgirl instead. Everyone's a winner ;)

J - Frilliant.


  1. So cute - especially in pink! xxx

  2. These are adorable, I love a good petticoat but don't actually own one so this needs to change!

    Maria xxx

  3. oo these are pretty!
    I want one, the black one
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  4. I remember coveting these at the Bristol store opening! x

  5. They are so gorgeous! Love the peach one, I'm already thinking of how to style it. xx

  6. Haha not for me but I do think they are really cute!


  7. These are so cute! Don't know if I'd be brave enough though!

  8. If I only I had that flat tummy and those legs like gazelles. Woe is me.

  9. I love Boux Avenue and these are unbelievably cute!x

  10. OMG, those are some of the prettiest petticoats I've ever seen! (swoon). I love tiered fashions, sheer fabrics, ruffles and lace, and here they all are combined with these pettis - and with a bow yet! Boux Avenue here I come!


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