A Rawrgirl Day Out At PURE London!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Last Sunday we were invited to Pure London, an exhibition held at Olympia where fashion buyers from across the UK/Europe snap up next season's collection from some of the coolest designers around. We were really excited because we'd never been before and we love any excuse to hang out in real life - OBVIO.

Getting together for cupcakes from Yull Shoes.

After lovingly embracing each other at Victoria station, we headed to Olympia and picked up our press badges so we could get our mingle/snap on. We were shocked by the grand scale of the event, we had no idea there would be so many exhibitors! We have to confess that we got lost several times because the whole thing is like a maze from fashion heaven.

View from the 1st floor.

There was a whole host of brands we had never heard of before, along with some more familiar ones, and we knew a few of our favourites were going to be there so we made plans to visit them. It took us a few hours (no exaggeration, the place is HUGE) to locate our new favourite brand, Voodoo Girl!

The dapper boys behind the brand were there showcasing their AW13 stock (SWOON) and we gushed about how much we're loving their work. In return they fed us lots of popcorn and let us snap photos of their upcoming collection. Please note: *this is a Rawr Girl exclusive* (well we think so anyway). We both want the front-facing Voodoo Girl jumper but the other knits you can see are also hella cute, especially the Zombie one! We know how to appreciate a good slouchy knit.

AW13 leggings - galaxy, floral and general epicness - oh my!

We became super excitable when we spotted the new graphic print leggings and all the super cute denim for next season! The floral leggings are amazing and a girl can never have too much galaxy print. As for the denim, there were skinny camo's with leather knee patches, more cosmic/galaxy print and distressed USA Flag pieces. We adore these badass shorts, eat your heart out RunwayDreamz!

The next stand we stumbled across was Brat & Suzie. It's no secret that we're huge fans of the brand so it was awesome to get to meet Director and fellow Bristolian, Polly! Their latest collection (and the AW13) one is just too cute. We loved their tie-dye pieces with fringing and more adorable animal faces on tees and vests.

How adorable is this tee & skirt!?

We can also reveal that the AW13 collection will feature some AMAZING knitwear pieces. Oversized cardigans with horses and badgers. Oh my, it was animal print heaven! Polly is extremely sweet and oh so talented. While we were talking T received inspiration from the fashion gods to pair a B&S tee with a petticoat...Watch this outfit post space! It's going to be good.

Speaking of petticoats . . . check these bad boys out from Hell Bunny! We scoured Pure for the best petticoat selection and eventually decided that it just didn't get any better than this. Drop and roll marshmallow dreams status!

A petticoat rainbow!

Yull Shoes were the sweetest kids on the block in every way. Candy coloured heels surrounded by LoveHearts and the yummiest cupcakes in LONDON (eat your heart out Hummingird!) and we were SOLD. 

This gorgeous style reminded us of Barbie shoes!

We literally stopped in our tracks at the Ruby Rocks shoe display. SO. MUCH. GOODNESS. 

A leopard shoe for all seasons.

We think we could probably get through a whole season with just these 2 pairs - the fierce all black sky high wedge and of course, this season's cowboy boot with an Aztec twist. Ruby certainly did Rock in the footwear stakes! 

We were also loving the Iron Fist stand. We'd like to be able to tell you all about the amazing AW13 line but we're sworn to secrecy. Seriously, they probably know where we live. But rest assured that it's the best season yet, and we're already saving for several pieces that we spied on the rails! But until then, here's a pretty picture of what you can get your paws on right now ;)

And from shoes we moved onto accessories, making a pit stop at Tatty Devine where we spent a good while touching all the pretty jewelz and listening intently to the lovely chick's story about when RPatz entered the store with a mystery blonde. Waaaaaahhhhhh to that, and waaaaah to the jawdropping perspex frosting on display!!! 

The ruby slippers necklace *DIES*

These wings were made to flyyyyyyyyy!!!

You know if there's a kitty, J will find it for a photo opp.

And on that note, we LOVED this display of kitty cat bags from Lollipops Paris! The coloured wool boucle style material is purrrrfect for that Chanel suit look without the Chanel or the suit!

It was a real eye opener of a day for us because we've never been to anything like that before,  and it's an experience we'd love to repeat for sure, we loved every minute of it! Huge thanks to the Good Results PR girls for the invite and for making us feel totally at home in the Press Office, then blessing us with fabulous goody bags on the way out! 

Now let's dream of a RAWR Boutique and fill it with pretty things . . . 

J & T - Still imaginary buying.


  1. This is an amazing post for what looked like an amazing event! I'm in love with the dinosaur necklace!

    Megan xxx

  2. Looks like an amazing day, I've fallen in love with a few pairs of shoes after looking at these photos xx


  3. This looks like such fun, love the petticoats and the Tatty Devine jewellery. Seems like such a great day out for the both of you. :)


  4. Goodness, it does look pretty huge! I love all of your snaps, the card tee is adorable. xxx

  5. Such an exciting post loved reading through and the pictures where great really excited for the new Iron fist collection :D always been a huge fan of their designs and clothing also brat and suzie but really looking forward to trying voodoo doll looks super cool and right up my street. Great post xxx


  6. I would've died! I've been to Olympia beauty event in the same place but I loooooooove clothes a bit more and I would've been bankrupt if I went to this ....FACT


  7. looks amazing and I want one of those yummy cupcakes:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  8. I need those American flag shorts for summer! Super hot!

    Great post! I'm following you =)
    Lattes & Lacee

  9. Wow all looks so amazing!
    Love the prints
    S xx

  10. Everything looks incredible! Sounds like you had the most wonderful time! xxx

  11. You are both so stunning!
    I've just had to wipe my keyboard dry from salivating over those shoes! wow wow wow

    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  12. Wow! Sounds and looks so fun! Great post and amazing blog!
    Would be amazing if you could visiting my blog too, we can follow each as well other if you like? Let me know what you think!

    Dave! x


  13. looks like an awesome day out! love the cupcakes and the card t shirt, so cool xo

  14. Girls I am sooo jealous!!! Looks like you had an amazing time!! I KNEW I should have went to this. I got invited but for some reason didn't take it seriously! TAKE ME WITH YOU NEXT TIME JADE. All the clothes look lavely. And every day is an amazing day when cupcakes get involved. And LOL @ imaginary buyer. Illusion is key

    Gemma x


  15. So lucky that you were able to attend such an event! Love the necklaces, tutus, and shoes! xo


  16. This post is making me wish even more I'd been able to get there! xx

  17. I really wanted to go but just didn't have the time, I love all the designers you've featured, so much goodness!!


  18. wow love that tee and the heels are awesome


  19. It looks like a great show to visit, so many stalls!! I love the tatty devine jewellery!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  20. looks like so much fun - love all the colors and prints xx

  21. Oh my days!!! Looks amazing!!!!!!!! Xxx

  22. amazing photos ! i follow you ! if you like my blog follow me too ! =)

  23. Looks like such a great event!! You both look lovely

    A little bit Unique


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  24. Why are you guys living my dream?! Sounds and looks like heaven

  25. Oh my god, the size of that event! That looks huge! That Ruby Slippers necklace is so adorable as well :) x


  26. This looks SO cool! I realllly want something from Voodoo girl! What a seriously snazzy brand!

    Robyn Mayday

  27. Looks like you was in heaven! I sure would have been! And you both look as stylish as ever, such babes <3


  28. I went to PURE on a work experience buying trip some years back and was so in awe of the size of it!!! You got some amazing photos, in love with the playing card tee, so cool! xx


  29. STOP IT! I've never been so jealous of someone in my life! Oh my god, the Tatty Devine jewelry is SO cute! And those heels, and ALL of the tops!


  30. i'm so jealous! there are so many lovely items here-that dino skeleton necklace especially<3


  31. Looks like an amazing day! Love the pic of the petticoats. I also adore Tatty Devine, I love their stuff! so unique


  32. AHH im pretty jealous this looks amazing! I especially LOVE the cinderalla inspired jewellery. Thanks for popping by at my blog. Let me know if you want to follow eachother xx

  33. Omg this looks like my heaven!!!


  34. OMG! that event looks amazing! Is it bad that all i can do is look at those cupcakes? haha! looks fantastic! brilliant post girlys!



  35. Well this post is a visual treat. I hope this is an elaborate ruse and you two actually went as BUYERS for your new RAWR boutique. *crosses fingers*

  36. wow ! this looks really fun!
    i would love to be a part of something like this too :)
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  37. Girls, you have a great blog!
    Have a nice day :)


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