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Thursday, 14 February 2013

So you either love or hate these posts but welcome to 25 random facts about me, T! Since there are 2 of us, we decided to take 25 each which is also a lot easier to digest than 50. Some of these facts may surprise you and hopefully a few of them will make you nod in agreement.

1. I hate disco pants*GASP* - possibly the most controversial random fact ever but it's true. They're all kinds of wrong and belong in the 70's. 

2. Once during a Gwen Stefani concert, Gwen pointed at me and said I was her favourite.

3. I used to have a perm.

4. I own over 40 pairs of jeans. I've stopped counting.

5. I prefer dogs to cats.

6. My favourite brand is Wildfox.

7. Bananas make me spew.

8. As a rule of thumb, I don't do musicals. I'd rather watch paint dry.

9. I've travelled to 24 countries.

10. New Zealand is my favourite country (that I've visited so far).
I love Thai tan lines! <3

11. I say seriously a lot. Seriously.

12. I'm OBSESSED with Britney Spears, she is my queen.

13. If I won the lottery the first thing I would buy would be a vintage Chanel 2.55.

14. Game of Thrones is my favourite TV show.

15. I really miss retro 'Just Dance' Gaga...
16. I never played with Barbies (or Sindy) as a child because I didn't like that they were blonde.

17. My favourite numbers are 4 & 8.

18. I've never been to a gym.

19. I collected Beanie Babies as a kid and I still have them in storage (there are A LOT).

20. My signature scent is MAC - Turquatic.

21. Sometimes I just have to dance it out. Fellow Grey's Anatomy fans will understand.

22I once owned an orange Kappa tracksuit, which I loved.

23. When I grow up I want to have a pet turtle called Trevor.

24. Come karaoke time, I only 'RAP'.

25. My first celebrity crush was Phillip Schofield. Yeah.

So these are my confessions. I hope they haven't shattered my cool image -.bahahaha! 

T - Random is my middle name. XoX


  1. What a great post, I'm with you on retro Gaga! Even though I was blonde myself as a kid, my brunette Barbie was my absolute favourite! xo


  2. Ha Amazing! Phillip Schofield was totz my first crush as well! LOL. Love this post, so funny!


  3. I love these kinds of posts, retro Gaga was my soundtrack to my uni years so I want her back!

    Maria xxx

  4. You had a crush on Philip Schofield?! Bahahaha. I miss retro GaGa too. xx

    Soul Sparkler

  5. Orange track suit? And a perm?

    I think we need to see some photographic evidence

  6. I'm certainly a dog person AND I love Game of Thrones! 40 pairs of jeans?! Wow Tara!

    Megan xxx

  7. It was really great getting to know you better Tara, I'm such a disco pants lover they are tooo comfy how can you not like them!! hahaha and game of thrones is amazing

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  8. Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only person to have owned (and loved) an orange tracksuit. I genuinely thought I was the bee knees in it.

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

  9. Kappa tracksuits.. I remember those days haha! I also can't stand disco pants!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  10. hahaah so interesting, made me chuckle!


  11. OOh I want to travel more, I dislike disco pants hate is a strong word for me but peer pressure is sterring me to the other side! I wanna a 2.55 bag and I want a pet turtle called donatello after teenage mutant ninja turtles!


  12. Haha! I agree with so many of these, I hate disco pants too & also had a huge collection of beanie babys! I've also just lost about half an hour clicking through Cat Vs. Human now... How have I never come across this before?! Ha!

  13. Bananas make me spew too!!! I can't stand to eat them, they have a gross mushy texture like baby food. But the absolute worse is when other people are eating them and they make a gross smacking sound with their mouth. I know it seems ridiculous but it really grosses me out haha


  14. These are some really fun facts bout you. Love number 2! Gwen Stefani is one of my favorite singers. LOVE HER!



  15. haha, bloody love phillip schofield!! Great facts :) x


  16. With you on the 'I hate disco pants!' wahhh they kinda scare me


  17. I wanna see the perm!!! Schofe is looking FIT there but when I was a kid he just seemed ANCIENT.

    1. Also I'm not a fan of the disco pants either. :(

  18. Yesss finally someone else that despises of disco pants. Do not understand that trend at all and not seen them flatter a single pair of legs yet!


  19. wow Tara you have travelled SO much!!!!I am so jealous!
    Husg and kisses

  20. I'm trying hard not to comment on each one of those 25, seriously! I'm so glad you love fashions that are more feminine (and better couture) than disco pants. That is awesome that Gwen Stefani pointed at you saying you were her favourite. I've barely traveled at all. Good for you seeing the world. As for lady Gaga I first grew to love her when she was increasingly famous for wearing Retro full brief granny panties out in public and making it very much in vogue. I loved it! Seriously!

  21. Hi lovely! It was great meeting you today! You looked so pretty and this blog is great! :) Haha I didn't like disco pants at all when I first saw them, I really like them now though! That's amazing how much you have travelled! I would love to travel to as many countries as I can :) xx Beauty Becky

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