Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Rawrgirls Recommend . . . Witch Anti Blemish BB Beauty Balm!

Each week Witch Skincare on Twitter run a contest to find a #FlawlessFollower, you nominate a friend and you both win a product of your choice, so one week  I nominated T (whose skin is like porcelain) and we won! I chose Witch's new Anti Blemish BB Beauty Balm (about £7) because I'm a sucker for a new kid on the block, and I'm SO glad I did!

I grew up with Witch Stick, we practically covered our faces with it in school, it was the truth. Witch now runs with a huge range of skincare products and the BB is the latest. In short, it kinda rocks. It's paler than other BB cream's I've tried, which is nice because it doesn't have a massive effect on your foundation. The thing I like most about this product though, and the reason I'm recommending it today, is the mattifying power it holds. Seriously, it's an all dayer people. You apply it, you think 'Hmm, nice matte base, I will enjoy that for about an hour until it wears off', but nope, it just keeps going and going! On the days I use it, I go without a powder topping and blotting papier requirements are rare, if any are needed at all. NUTS. Obviously due to the colour it might not be ideal for everyone, but if you have a pale to mid range skintone, and you like the usual features of a BB, then I can't recommend this enough. Hit up Twitter and try to win one at least!

J - Which Witch?


  1. thanks for letting me know about this product!

    1. Sure thing, it's a great winter BB :)


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