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Thursday 15 November 2012

I was recently introduced to Amara, one of those amazing online stores that makes you gawp for hours wondering how on our lord RPatz's earth have you never come across this before?! Every department is a designer homeware delight; ranging from funky Alessi kitchenware to everyone's fave Cath Kidston ranges and super luxe Mulberry goodies!

I am a bit of a homemaker, and I do enjoy a quirky accessory or interesting piece of furniture. Dressing my house excites me just as much as dressing myself, so when Amara asked me if I'd like to choose something to review their site with, I squee'd like Bree Van De Kamp.

I chose the Anorak Kissing Stags Double Duvet Set (£55) for a number of reasons :

1) It's reminiscent of Charlotte Taylor's beautiful repeating animal patterns that I long to drape myself in, so yes, of course I want to be wrapped up in it for my nightly 8 hours. Super stylish!
2) Errrr, it's practically Christmas and it's a reindeer pattern. Christmas jumpers are ridiculously fashionable right now and this is the homeware equivalent - hurrah! 
3) It's not too girly and it looks cat proof. I don't put my boyfriend through sequins and lace, and Pelecat Clancy-Egerton Esquire has the run of our home. Satin and claws don't mix ;)

Cue the deliberately stylised pic . . .

Amara delivered next day and by DPD, which is the awesome hourly slot courier service, their text message time allocation notification is a godsend for a working girl like myself. I'm really happy with the bed set! It's a thick and crisp cream cotton, and the black pattern is SHARP! 

Kitteh loves it too, unfortunately *sigh*. Luckily I have a throw that is usually underneath him.

Anorak specialise in these repeating animal prints, and Amara stock a ton of cool stuff from the range HERE, so be sure to check it out if you're into this sort of awesome graphic design.

I also have to show you these other picks I spotted whilst browsing, because they'd make ideal gifts, and as I mentioned before, Christmas is a coming peeps!

This Keith Brymer Jones Punk Smells Like Tea Spirit Bucket Mug (£14) just cracks me up. Look at the safety pin! It's part of an epic Keith Brymer range with cute slogans on each piece.

And I think we all love a nice bit of stationary here. Amara stock amazing Archie Grand notebooks in gorgeous colours with fun titles. I love this 'Fashionista's I Met And Liked' one (£10) for writing down the names and webbys of all you lovely bloggers ;)

It's the perfect stop for gift giving, whether you've got £10 or £500 to spend on someone, you'll find a unique present here. It's also a cool place to find interior inspiration, I found myself mentally placing all kinds of things in my home, imagining colour schemes and wondering if my cat would use a bowl that actually looked like him . . . Seriously, you'll love it, GO!

J - Smoothes down apron.


  1. Oh, I love your bad, very sweet bedclothes!:)
    Sweet cat!:)

  2. Oh no, now I'm going to have to go shopping! LOVE the duvet set x

  3. HOLY CRAP, this store is amazing, thank you so much for the intro. I think I need that bedding in my life asap!!

  4. What!!!? I have never heard of them before either, those bed sheets are amazing, oh how I wish I had some money to do a bit of shopping right now! ;)

  5. Just stumbled across this blog, i Love it !
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  6. I love that notebook :) With Cath Kidston & Mulberry it sounds like my kind of site!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  7. Ooh-er I'm off right now to check this site out! x

    P.s 'how on our lord RPatz's earth' properly cracker me up. you guyyyyyz

  8. I really want to check this out, it looks great :)


  9. Wow what a great website! Can't wait to check it out :) The duvet set looks fabulous :)

  10. your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work :)

    (open to all)

  11. That bedding is beautiful! X


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