Happy i-Christmas From Ted Baker!

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Hey everybody, look at my early Christmas gift from Ted! Something super stylish to wrap your iPhone up in over these cold winter months - a Ted Baker iPhone flip case! It's actually a great gift idea for a stylish tech savvy gal pal, so I took a few pics for a little review style show and tell.

At around £30 from stockists such as Proporta, this sparkly pink patent case really looks the part if you're into designer tech accessories and comes dressed in a neat little gift pack :)

The iPhone 4 fits snugly into it and there is not much chance of it falling out (I gave it a good shake near a soft surface!) and you can access buttons and ports without removing the phone. It's lightly padded and smooth all over, I doubt there would be any hidden nasties to bite your phone whilst in transit. This happened to me with an old phone case, a bit of metal hidden under the lining scratched my screen as I slid it inside, so I give cases a good going over now!

There is an exclusive Ted Baker interior design pattern and two discreet slots for credit cards or money which is cool, an ideal place to put an emergency twenty should you lose your purse!

I'm loving this cute branded button on the outside of the pretty pink case, a little touch of Ted!

Overall, this feels like a really well made, protective (obviously to an extent, we're not talking about throwing your phone against a wall protective here!) and stylish case. Yes, you can probably get cheaper ones, but let's be honest, you're paying for a nice piece of Ted - the familiar quality, the lining design and the little button. I paid £50 for my boyfriend's Hugo Boss phone case, and it's very nice but I'm under no illusion that it's lined with unicorn hair or anything, it's still a designer accessory just like a purse and with that comes a price point. Call me a label whore, I won't deny it ;) Anyhoo, I would definitely feel comfortable gifting this to someone for Christmas, either by itself (it is well presented) or with a Ted Baker Body gift from Boots for a nicely rounded present. Go Ted.

J - In Love With Ted.


  1. So cute, love the pink colour! Think i shall leave my computer on this site, just a little hint mum :)

    xx Audrey


  2. Cute, but I don't think I could bring myself to spend so much on an iPhone case!!

    A have a couple of recent posts about iPhone cases (a strange personal obsession) - feel free to come and have a look!

    Georgie x
    uk fashion & lifestyle blog

    1. Oooh will do, phone cases fascinate me, I can't resist a nose at them!

  3. Oooo this was a gift from the man himself? Very lucky :)
    I dont usually use these kinds of cases but I have loads of snap on hard cases haha

    1. Haha, well maybe the man himself's posse! I like these cases for in my bag. I've scratched screens on my keys so much, I cry!

  4. Pretty! Love the pink color :)

  5. AH WHY DOES NOBODY SEND ME A TED BAKER PHONE COVER. I haven't even got an Iphone but still. It'd be an incentive enough to buy one. I love the colour of it. Princess Pink. I hope your phone appreciate and embraces the cover!

    Gemma x



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