Bird Of Paradise Eyes!

Friday, 23 November 2012

I was just having a play with my make up and lashes and came up with this creation which I thought would be perfect for seasonal costume parties! Ladies, Bird of Paradise eyes anyone?

I used Violent Eyes Rainbow Glitterati as a lid base (love these things for easy, super long lasting glitter colour!), colouring my eyebrow in green using Stargazer Liquid Eyeliner in Turquoise, then extreme lining in the Pink version, dipping my lower lashes in Stargazer Mascara in Turquoise and finally frosting with Stargazer Feathered Eyelash 53!

I wish the clarity of the pics were clearer but this really was a 10 minute mess around in the bathroom moment, and I just grabbed my phone to capture the look! Do you like? I love these lashes, they look really heavy but they are actually really light and comfortable. Stargazer eyeliners are the shizz too, very opaque and long lasting, totally recommended for fun timez!

J - Preening.


  1. Love this look! The lases are awesome!

    Sita xx

  2. wow this looks amazing ! the colours are gorgeous :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  3. Wow, this actually does look incredible, so unique


  4. Oh wow, this would be perfect for a dress up look!
    Megan xxx

  5. This is UH-MAZE. What did Runcorn think???

    1. I didn't take it outside for fear of them declaring me a witch and burning me on a pile of Vogue back issues.

  6. omg, this makeup look is out of this world! wow! i know, i know i am late in commenting. read it when it was published but only got round commenting now. oopsie
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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