Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Rough Vs Smooth - Refresh n' Shine!

As explained in J's post, we were recently chosen to take part in an exciting #RoughVsSmooth contest to create a hairstyle using a Schwarzkopf OSiS product! Half of the bloggers involved were asked create rough looks, the other half (including me) were asked to create a smooth style.

I'm a big believer in sleek is chic, so I was excited to be part of team smooth from the get go! I was sent the OSiS Refresh n' Shine which is a dry conditioner for shiny and soft hair. I always wear my hair straight so went against taking the easy (and somewhat boring) option of showcasing straight and smooth. Instead I decided to challenge myself by experimenting with my new Cloud Nine Micro Wand!

My tools:

First I separated my hair into sections and tonged each part. As my wand is the mini version and I have such long hair, the curls were very tight at first. I then applied the OSiS+ Refresh n' Shine in short bursts and worked it into the hair with my fingers. My hair was actually due a wash so it really needed the refreshing! I purposely didn't tong too close to my scalp as I wanted to go for a more relaxed, romantic style.

My celeb hairspiration:

To get wavy hair instead of tight curls, I then brushed it through and clipped the front pieces back using brown bobby pins. I wanted to go for half up half down look in the style of Lauren Conrad and Leighton Meester, but I didn't want it too curly, just wavy and more natural. After one more spritz for good luck, my look was complete!

The result:

I'm really happy with how it came out. As you can see it's a pretty smooth look, it's nice and sleek at the top and then slightly wavy. The product smells absolutely amazing and although it does provide light control, my hair still looks and feels soft! I don't dye my hair so I do choose products that give my hair a nice shimmer and the OSiS+ Refresh n' Shine gives control, refreshes AND adds a bit of shine - talk about 3-in-1!

So fess up, do you like it rough or smooth!? ;)

T - A Smooth Criminal. XoX


  1. Ooh really love this, I hate when you curl your hair and it looks frizzy.

  2. Aw your hair looks really cute curly! X

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