Rawrgirls Review . . . MeMeMe Metallic Nail Set From FindMeAGift!

Sunday 28 October 2012

I recently got my hands on the MeMeMe Metallic Nail Varnish Collection, £14.99 from FindMeAGift so I thought I'd do us all a little review!
The set contains 4 full size polishes in a presentation box, so ideal for gifting. Inspiring is a deep green, Dignified is a heather purple, Seductive a dark red and Rebellious a khaki green with gold tones. I've had MeMeMe polish before and I do like the consistency in general (2 to 3 coats for true opacity) but I find the brushes to be too wide for my little nails, regardless, tis a small annoyance that is probably not shared by a lot of you.

The greens in the set are gorgeous, especially Rebellious, a really autumnal, warm khaki. Inspiring is a beautiful emerald. Both greens have a really high shine to them, so a good glossy party finish is guaranteed! I paired them together on one hand becaue together they give a nice ombre look!

 The other two red/purple shades in the set, whilst not being so exciting, are still really nice if you're not feeling so adventurous. Seductive is probably my fave of the two, very chic. Dignified is a very safe choice for the set, verging on boring. I can't help thinking a luxe metallic sapphire blue would've been a better choice. Again, both have a high gloss finish. Again, they are paired together on one hand but the effect isn't as good as the greens because these two are maybe too similar in colour I feel?

Overall, this is another nice set from MeMeMe at FindMeAGift, which we like to keep a close eye on. Check out our review of the Smokey Eyes Create The Look set for more MeMeMe ideas!

J - It's all about MeMeMe.


  1. They are so cool! Perfect for Autumn/Winter!


  2. I love the greens... they'd be prefect for halloween


  3. interesting sense of style.

  4. Really like this company and these polishes are lovely shades for autumn and winter, will be on the lookout :) x



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