Rawr Girls Can't Wait For Autumn/Winter!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Okay we know this sounds wrong, really wrong, BUT we can't wait for A/W. We've already started buying new bits and pieces for the colder months & we just want to wear them, like now.

So what if we're a month or two early, there are a few select pieces we've been thinking about that will be perfect additions to our A/W wardrobe. Check them out...

Rawr Girls Loves...

Burger + Friends Vest (£23) from studdedandstoned.co.uk

Women's Double Collar Biker Jacket (£225) from IL2L.com

Pork Pie Hat (£25) from topshop.com

Studded Pocket Rucksack (£48) from urbanoutfitters.co.uk

Dr Martens
Classics 1490z (£80) from cloggs.co.uk

Silver Hummingbird Necklace (£115) by Alex Monroe from liberty.co.uk

Skinny Jeans
Victoria Beckham VB41 in Plum (£145) from miminoor.com

We drrrrooooool. Are we alone in wishing Summer would properly end? Or are you also excited for A/W? We'd love for you to share your A/W picks with us if you're ready for knits & hats too!

J & T - We've showed you ours, time to show us yours! ;) XoX


  1. The little hat and that tank!? LOVE - I am also really loving the soft ruggedness of the whole outfit! Cheers!

  2. nope- i'm ready for it to. i'm so over summer and can't wait to get back into my boots, jeans and sweaters. and of course, leather :)

  3. I love those black dr martens :)

    Fashion Rhapsody

    Rose xo

  4. Ahhh I LOVE that NY/LA tank hahah

  5. i love this outfit so much :)
    thanks for your comment:)


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