Friday, 4 May 2012

31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 4 - Your Favourite Print...

It's no secret that I'm leopard obsessed, so that's obvi my fave print - but I can go one further than that and pinpoint my fave EVER leopard print - the L.A.M.B. 2006 Are You L.A.M.B. Enough? hoodie. This is an old pic of me wearing it from maybe 4 years ago, I still have the hoodie but I choose to use this old pic for shits and giggles. Look at my hair, can someone pass the Frizz-Ease?!

It's my perfect leopard print; big, bold and warm. It somehow manages to be fierce but not shouty, so it's perfect for items of clothing as opposed to just being an accessory print. How I long for the L.A.M.B. days of old *clutches onto years old clothes wistfully* - siiiiiiggghhhhhhh!

J - Yes, I am L.A.M.B. enough ;)


  1. I love Leopard Print too, all about the Pat Butcher SWAG

  2. Me too! Golden Girls Blanche status! Thanks for the comment x

  3. Loving leopard print and that hoody is lush x

    1. Thanks, it's probably my fave item in my wardrobe, on the sly ;)


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