Wednesday, 2 May 2012

31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 2 - You Have The Most...

Okay, again I took this literally as meaning 'a lot of', and I kinda broke a rule here because my first thought was ....knickers. I have A LOT of knickers. But then I thought nah, I can't just post a pic of a big pile of knickers, that would be a bit wierd. So in typical fashion blogger style, I Have The Most .... nail polish.

I have 5 empty Glossybox boxes full of the stuff; 4 colour co-ordinated to the contents, and 1 which holds 'Specials' such as crackle, top coats, base coats, pens, tools, decorations etc. I love my nail polish HARD. My fave brands are Mavala and OPI, with China Glaze coming very close.

I still probably have more knickers, but maybe that's another post ;)

J - Nailed it.

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