Wednesday, 16 May 2012

31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 16 - A Customised Item . . .

I racked my brain over this one and was about to head for my name necklace when I realised that one of the best customised pieces a girl can have was right in front of me - a charm bracelet! I have 3 designer charm bracelets, but I choose my Chamilia bracelet and necklace for this post because I've never posted about it, and Chamilia UK have just joined Twitter (FOLLOW!), so this is kind of our way of saying hellooooooo! :)

I set out aiming to have a Cats, Disney and Dogs theme, but then people buy you charms as gifts and your theme goes out the window because you want to have your bracelet as full as possible!

This is a close up of the Bone, Mickey Mouse and Lucky the 101 Dalmation charms . . .

This is the Birthday Cake, Dog and Minnie Mouse . . .

And this is a close up of the Family charm, and my necklace with a super sparkly bead on it. The necklace is so pretty and unusual and you can put a few more beads on there if you wanted to match to an outfit or have a theme.

I like Chamilia because you can keep that all silver look very easily if you want to, or go colour crazy. My other charm bracelets are very heavy, fun and colourful, but I keep my Chamilia chic and sleek ;) I'd love to eventually fill this bracelet so there are no gaps but it's so hard when you only have one birthday a year. Oh to be the Queen eh?!

Next on my Chamilia wants list is something in Paw I think (sounds eerily like Cruella de Vil there!). This Clear Swarovski Crystal Paw (£45) is the dream!

So that's my customised item, rocking the Chamilia - da daaaaaa!

J - Charming!


  1. Wow I really Like this.. love the disney theme

  2. love it :) this is amazing xx


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