Rawr Girl in Peru!

Thursday 29 March 2012

Hola from Peru! This Rawr Girl is currently on holiday (the extended kind), but I still wanted to write this quick post to let y'all know what's going down in this awesome country.

I've taken some incredible pictures over the past week, but this photograph is by far my favourite and after showing it to J, she insisted I share it with you guys:


I absolutely love how the Peruvians dress. The embroidery on their clothing is so intricate & the styles are really elaborate. This little girl looks amazing in her traditional get-up & believe me, she was a right little character! Her baby LLama was misbehaving so she kept telling him off. J & I now officially want to adopt one - the baby Llama that is! ;)

The scenery here is just breathtaking. Check it out:

Fortunately for me, although I've been in many isolated areas, there are still market stalls EVERYWHERE. I'm finding it hard not buy one of everything because it's all sooo cheap...but I have no room in my backpack!

Doesn't she look happy!? ;)

Today I gave in to temptation & bought some necessary items for the Inca Trail which I'm heading on this week (SQUEE)! It's hella cold in Peru so I coped some gloves & a Peruvian hat:

Both are 100% Alpaca so they're super warm & the hat is even reversible!! Not bad for £2 each- beat that Primark! ;)

Wish you were here- RAWR LOVE from Peru! - T XoX

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