All That Glitters Is nOir From NYLA . . .

Tuesday 13 March 2012

I've wanted a piece of nOir for ages now but it's not massively available over here, so when I saw NYLA Boutique running a contest to win a nOir Panda ring I was all over it and I won - eeek! Isn't it adorable?! It's so beautiful, super sparkly and heavy! P.S. Nail polish is Max Factor Fantasy Fire, if you like it :)

NYLA Boutique has been on our radar for years, the stocked lines are totally covetable, my current faves are this Donna Mizani shirt - £85, Left Coast By Dolan Square Hoodie - £22.50, and the yummy Plastic Island cardigan - £60.

I'm totally getting the hoodie once my car gets through today's MOT, it's a perfect spring throwover, I'm a sucker for those little fingerholes and my new little panda friend will look amazing peeping out!

J - Panda eyes rule.


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