Wind Me Up, Spin Me 'Round...Oh Lookie, What I Found!

Thursday 26 January 2012

Most people treat shoes as an accessory to an outfit. Nuh uh, they got it alllll kinds of wrong. I start with the shoe, the perfect 'Oh my god, can't drag my eyes off them, sell my life on Ebay to afford them' pair of shoes. The ones that compel randoms to stop you in the street to say how amazing your shoes are (this happens A LOT), and then I build an outfit around those bad boys because they are the stars.

My favourite stars right now are just politely hanging around on Sarenza, waiting for me to get paid next month so they too can have a world of adoration built around them - the House of Harlow Ava Wedge Boots in Leopard, £120. Check out the spot I made...

Nicole is a style goddess, and we are all over House of Harlow 1960 like a Rawrgirl on RPatz ;)

The Ava's just scream that fierce LA luxe glam-edge look, they roll seamlessly from A/W into S/S as easily as those California gurls roll from beach to bar. As a leopard addict, the print is just purrrrfect to me; big and bold, RAWR. The little gold touches are discreet rather than Dynasty and set the Ava's apart from recent high street copies, whilst the black leather strapping takes the chic wedge boot style up a notch making the whole thing a pretty special look that I must have in my fashion life STAT!

I have similar Iron Fist sequinned booties so I know that I'd adore these with skinnies or shorts, and also, yeaaaah - LBD and a lot of eyeliner anyone?! So totally fierce yet so super chic. Get in my life AVA, let's go! ;)

J - Wannabe Sarenza Ambassador. I'd hit it hard.


  1. elles sont SUPERBES, j'adore

  2. Ahhh you have such fab taste, love these!!! You must share pics as soon as you get them :D :D x x

  3. Those are seriously stylish and fierce to boot. I love this brand too and the price is amazing xx


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