S/S12 Denim - What We Need Vs What We Can Afford!

Sunday 15 January 2012

Tara and I are denim addicts and we love nothing more than a hot new pair of jeans (it's textworthy news when one of us buys a new pair!), but premium denim is SO expensive that it's obviously impossible to drop £200 on every pair that takes your fancy. Soooooo, the answer is to take the high street version when you see a style that you don't think you'll wear a few seasons down the line. This is a quick breeze through the current MUST HAVE styles right now and their cheaper cousins, because we're not all rolling in cheddar ;)

Pastels are going to be huge this season, especially mint and coral. We adore these amazing coral twills by J Brand, coming in at around £190 from UK stockists like House of Fraser, or $169 from Revolve Clothing. J Brand makes us feel funny, like climbing a rope in gym class or RPattz's Twilight hair.

But we also love the look of these £25.99 ones from Own The Runway!

Personally, I know I would wear this season's animal print of choice - snakeskin, for the rest of my life, so these Hudson Nico's, £220 from The Dressing Room would be a justifiable investment for me.

Buuuuttttt, if you know you will shed them like the real thing after one season, I wouldn't blame you for choosing these SALED £12 ones from Dotty P's!

The neon trend is also crossing over to denim, and fear not, it's not as EMO as you think. I am dying for these AG Stilt's from Matches, £165. Listed as neon lime but they have a cool yellow tint which I covet (the pink is fabulous too btw).

How-ev-errrrr, I will be dropping my dollar on the ASOS version at a much more agreeable to my purse, £32. The colour is very similar to the AG's and I won't hate myself for dying them black in a years time...

And finally, here's a challenge for you. We LOVE these Rag & Bone Galaxy Skinnies with all our little hearts, but alas, they are £150 at ASOS, SOB! I have searched and searched for over a week now and cannot find a cheaper alternative. Short of throwing an old pair in the bath and blasting them with bleach and dye (which I am on the verge of doing to an old pair of much loved Charley's), can anyone provide direction to a ready made, more affordable version?! Look how purty they are!

I'll leave you with that thought ;)

So, new denim - are you going premium or pretend?

J - Galaxy or bust.


  1. Omg @ the galaxy skinnies...I die!!! I would actually buy them cos I heart them so...but they don't come in lanky girl length!! Gutted!!
    I never normally buy expensive jeans..I bought a £200 pair of diesels once when I was at my skinniest..and never could fit in them again!!

  2. I love those yellow jeans! Wish I could afford the pricey ones, but then as it's obviously a trend piece it is probably best to spend a little rather than a lot xx


  3. Oh, now i so want new pants!

  4. I need those pastel pink skinnys in my life! They are soo cute! :)

  5. You guys are THE NUTS - officially the answer to my jean dilemmas ....!

    Mucho <3 laydeeees! KLW x

    http://www.thestylebite.co.uk/ x

  6. I really need to learn how to reply to individuals!

    Tali - I think I'd drop £150 on these too, I doubt the print will date as it will always just look like a bleach pattern. Are we both convinced? ;)

    Antonia and Lula - thanks for the comments!

    Anna - Agreed, I defo think I will be getting the ASOS ones once I know they won't be dropping a 20% off denim on us after this week!

    Amy - They'll be amazing for summer right? I love them too!

    Kate - No, YOU'RE the nuts you beautiful blogger you! ;)
    P.S. Why haven't you entered our FB contest, you have some amazing outfit pics!

    J x x x


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