Rawrgirls Review - The Balm Stainiac at Findmeagift!

Sunday 8 January 2012

The lovelies at Find Me A Gift thought I might like to try one of their beauty products and sent me The Balm Stainiac - £11.99, a 2 in 1 cheek and lip tint!

The outer box packaging is very girly and cute enough to give as a gift, and for some reason I expected it to be a rollerball applicator but it's a wand which was a nice surprise. Anyhoo I saw the RED liquid and instantly thought 'Oh cripes, another DuWop Twilight Venom.' I bought one of those each for T and I in Twi-hard excitement and it was HELLA dark (like a deep burgundy on my lips), impossible to apply evenly and even more impossible to remove. But no, one tentative sweep of the wand on my lips later and Stainiac took one for Team Tint and proved itself to be an instant hit with me, hurrah!

One coat on my lips made them look like I'd just pressed them together, a flush if you like. The second coat gave a very flattering rose tint and accentuated my natural lipline. At this point I thought oh what the hellz and went for it again, the third coat just evened out the second coat and left a really natural looking matte pink stain to my lips (which are naturally quite pale).

The swatch below is two coats. It dries really fast but evenly, and doesn't seem to creep into any creases. It doesn't feel sticky or wet to the touch, so it would be ideal to use as a base tint before clear gloss. I haven't tried it on my cheeks, simply because I never use liquid tints on my cheeks for fear of a breakout, but I suspect the result would be the same if you gave it a go.

Overall, fine holiday fun, totally recommended if you're up for trying something new from somewhere new. As Findmeagift says in their blurb for this product, 'She's a Stainiac, Staaainiac on the floor, and she's tinting like she's never done before...'. AWESOME :)

J - Rose Tinted.


  1. I'm really liking the balm as a brand. I have something in the post coming from them and I'm excited! great post x


  2. LOVE lip stains! Red is a great color. xoxo


  3. Love the blurb! haha love it when packaging or blurbs make it fun, makes me want to buy the product so much more (probably stupidly haha)


  4. Thanks for the comments and yes, the blurb killed me! I need to check out more The Balm products, it's a brand I haven't yet investigated :)

    J x x


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