Leopard Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away...

Thursday 19 January 2012

Have you guys seen these amazing Jonathan Aston tights? From the new season range, these are the Hints Of Prints Leopard Horses(£12.49 - TightsPlease), and I just had to have them!

So I've ordered them and I'm just waiting on delivery now, when they arrive I definitely want to feature them in an outfit post but what shall I team them with?

I'm thinking:
1) Black faux leather shorts and boyfriend tee with boots.
2) Black faux leather pleated skirt, jumper and boots.
3) Leopard shorts, some sort of tee or sheer shirt, and boots.

Any preferences? I'm leaning towards the leopard shorts because I have a crazy pair of cute runner style ones from USA that I haven't even took the label off yet, though it could be a little OTT. Saying that, what are we in this for if we don't try to make it work occasionally?! ;)

J - Giddy up postie!


  1. haha amazing! looking forward to seeing your outfit! x


  2. I love the first combo--simple but chic and cool at the same time!

  3. oh lord, my triple figure tights collection requires these.

  4. Definitely option 3, go rawr or go home! :)

  5. Girls I love you all, you're such enablers lol!

    Daisychain - Triple figures?! How do you even remember what you have?
    WOW. I'm in awe!

    Shannan - I'm totally adopting that as our new mantra - Go Rawr or Go Home :D

    J x x


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