Getting A Wildfox Wildfix From AdHoc London!

Sunday 1 January 2012

I'd be lying if I said it had been a while since I bought any Wildfox, it hasn't, but there's no greater Wildfox wildfix (as Tara and I call it) then finding a bit of WF you've coveted for a whole season - ON SALE!

This Extinct Is Forever dress has been on my radar for what seems like a lifetime, but ever so slightly out of reach at close to £100, sometimes more depending on where you shop. The Cheetah is my fave big cat and I still want to be Cheetara Thundercat even now (if I ever get a tattoo it will be cheetah spots up my thigh) so the motif on this piece struck a chord.

So when I saw AdHoc London throw out a sale notice I freaked out because I knew they had my must have dress! Unfortunately they only had it in an XS but I tweeted them with my sad face dilemma and by the hair of RPattz they only went and found a M in the EVEN BETTER khaki tie-dye version in the back room - HAPPY FACE!! Here it is!...

With the 30% off code WILD, it came to a much more agreeable £68 shipped (if you live close enough to actually shop IN AdHoc, I'm hating on you), delivery was next day and I LOVE it. It's a baggy beach sweater style, like a super soft stretch towelling fleece type material and also looks pretty darn good over skinnies. Definitely a piece for life.

I stalk AdHoc London practically every day because their lines are amazing and their prices before sale are usually cheaper than most other stockists. They also stock that other RAWR fave, SpiritHoods, which are also now saled with 20% off using code SPIRIT, so it's an ideal time to indulge your inner animal! Night Owl, get on my head!!

Anybody else got any awesome sale finds?

J - Let's make sure extinction is made extinct :(


  1. Ar this looks awesome honey! I love it with the JC boots too! Yummmmm

  2. Bloody amazing! a very Happy New Year to you


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