Christmas Day & New Year's Eve DOWN UNDER!

Tuesday 3 January 2012

G'Day Rawrers!! Now us Rawr Girl's have finally recovered from the festive season, I thought I'd share some pictures from my time in The Land Down Under over the holidays! It was my first Christmas away from my family (SOB) & my first in the sun.

Check out this action shot of me cooking up a storm on the Barbie! It was a scorching hot day in Sydney & there wasn't a turkey in sight.

The outfit:

I ditched my traditional Christmas Day outfit (delicious dress, thick tights & tons of bling) for this simple, laid-back & Oz appropriate ensemble.

Wildfox - Love Mega Babe Tank (as seen on Beyoncé)
Hudson - Ripped Jean Shorts (comfiest shorts in the WORLD)
Urban Outfitters - Feather Belt (thank you @Browniekins!)

My simple stack contains 2 bracelets from the Cairns Markets (yes, that's embossed leo print) and a gorgeous Dogeared Make A Wish bracelet with Gold Dipped Elephant from J Pops! I'm actually in love with this, it's just perfect for travelling.

Even though I was miles from home, I was still showered with lot of gifts & money (thank you everyone). I will be snapping pictures of all my goodies as I wear them over the next few months (BlackMilk anyone!?), but I couldn't resist showing you these 4 pieces of finger candy:

You LOVE, right!?

The gorgeous Stag ring is from J Bug (again) & I SQUEE'd when I opened it!! The others are all from an amazing store here called Lovisa. It's basically the Oz Accessorize but a million times cooler. Yeah.

New Year's Eve was absolutely incredible. Again it was a total scorcher (hate away) and again it was completely different to how I usually spend my NYE. I normally get dolled up or attend a fancy dress party, but this year we got up early, packed a picnic & headed to Sydney Harbour!

We found a spot in the Botanic Gardens and waited. ALL DAY:

Luckily only 6,000 people were let in this area, so we had a little bit of room to relax & get ready for the big display!! The waiting was completely worth it and so was the $6.5 million they spent for 12 minutes- hahaha.

We had a fantastic view of the bridge & I was on a total 'Firework High' for hours after!

The 2011 holiday season has been different & I've had a lot of fun in the sun here, however part of me is looking forward to the 2012 one back home in Little Blighty.

This year it's all about SpiritHoods at Christmas & Fireworks in London. PAWS UP! T XoX


  1. Beautiful pics! I was in aus for a year a while back, Xmas feels so weird when it's 40oC doesn't it!!

    Tali xx

  2. Aw thanks Tali!! <3 Yes it's SOOOO strange, I just kept saying 'This is SO weird' all day long- haha! I miss the snow ;)

    T XoX

  3. Well the grass is always greener, cos I'm lying in bed with a cold, listening to slates being blown off the roof - you def do not want to be here!!

  4. The firework is great! I love fireworks. When they are extremely beautiful they even make me cry sometimes haha. I guess it's too much beauty for me then hahaha..

  5. I am really hating on you right about now, I am JEALOUS ;) haha. Looks like a perfect NYE to me. They showed a clip of Sydney fireworks and I said to my other half they looked amazing, must of been fab right under them xx Happy New Year

  6. Ahhh you lucky thing, I would love to spend some time in the sun! Those rings are gorgeous and the fireworks look absolutely immense!! Sounds like you had an amazing time and it wasn't too much of a shock to the system coming back to the cold.


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