We're Baaaaaaack!

Friday 30 December 2011

Hey there! Did you all have an amazing christmas? 9 days since our last post and here we are, tardy doesn't even cover it but it HAS been the holidays, and the sales, and illness struck too, soooooo... anyhoo, we're back now, and ready to bounce right into 2012! To get us back in the mood I thought I'd start with an outfit post, because I picked up a few new bits before and over christmas that I haven't done a show and tell on yet, and they happen to look soooooo cute together ;)

One of my fave things is my new faux fur coat from Fashion Union, £60. I seriously haven't taken this thing off since christmas day, it's the perfect length for mini dresses and I adore the discreet animal print fur, which is super soft too. If you haven't bought from Fashion Union before, I totally recommend it - I think they're going to be huge in 2012.

The tights are Pretty Polly Pretty Rebellious, the shredded material totally rocks and they have an amazing way of making outfits look instantly hot. The brown leather satchel is from Bertie, it's a classic and so gorgeous, I think Tara would die for it soooooo maybe I'll let her hold it one day hee hee ;)

My cute bowler hat was given to me by my BFF Steph as a gift, it's from River Island and she knew I wanted it months ago - it has CAT EARS!! Yes, I do look a little like a Batman villain, but when is this ever a bad thing?! I took this pic in the rain, raindrops were falling on my head.

I also may have treated myself to a piece of the new WILDFOX jewellery line - SQUEEE! This ring set is £50 from ASOS, and if you don't love it, I will fight you.

Finally, here we go ladies, by way of Envi Shoes circa Ally Over The Ocean and via my ever loving boyfriend Timmy - I found my ultimate Jeffrey Campbell Lita's under the tree - CAT TAPESTRY! They. Have. Cats. On. Them. You won't ever know how much I heart these things. Behold.

This is pretty much a replica of my christmas day outfit, the dress peeping from under the coat is the Motel Lyne dress £42, that I posted about before christmas. It's my perfect dress shape, I hope Motel start popping their best prints on this cut more often!

And with that, normal blogging will now resume (along with going back to work and not drinking Baileys every night - boooo!). Hope you all had a very merry christmas - what did you wear?! Please link us to your outfit posts!

J - Wasted.


  1. I think I may have just fallen in love with your shoes.

    Must resist temptation to buy.

  2. Love that hat - really suits you! I wish i could pull off a bowler without looking like a Victorian boy. Maybe that will be a trend in 2012...


  3. Churrrrz girls! Really need to catch up on everyone's blogs, been sitting on a sofa for a week! In my boots and hat.

    J x

  4. Oh my goodness. Those are AMAZING. I am literally dying for some JC shoes! They are too sexy it hurts. Also loving the hat soo much! Basically you look awesome.

  5. love it love it love it love it!!! You look so lovely and you know how much I love those shoes! meeow x


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