A RAWR For All Seasons - A 2011 Roundup...

Saturday 31 December 2011

They say time flies when you're having fun, and that certainly seems true of 2011. We only started the blog in May 2010, so early 2011 was our first Spring/Summer - a time spent just finding our place in the blogworld and having fun with it. Things got crazy after our first birthday in May 2011 when we ran a huge competition for our followers which was a lot of fun! Autumn/Winter saw us getting chosen to be in the Look Show Final Five and we were seperated in September as T flew off to travel the world. This post is a concoction of some of our fave photos from the year, some previously posted, others are a first look from our personal archives - enjoy!

Rebel Nails rocked my camera, I still love the way this close up came out.

I love this pic of T from when we did our take on Festival Style for TK Maxx in the early Summer, I imagine her to be as serene as this at Glasto, whilst everyone else is covered in mud ;)

Before I discovered my favourite wall, I was harnessing sunsets and balancing on a ledge in every outfit shot, the sky looks so pretty in this one. And P.S. MY HAIR IS SO SHORT!

High Summer saw us take to London with B, E and our L - the lovely Lara Lain, where she took to smacking my ass during Lucky Voice karaoke like a Rawrgirl to F21.

The pretentious walk shots. T definitely worked it better than I did, I have far too much junk in the trunk!

Bear Grylls. Okay, so not Bear Grylls, barman in TGI's. We giggled in his direction for over an hour then told him he looked like someone we knew, to which he replied 'Let me guess, Bear Grylls?'. Oops. Good sport though ;)


T looks SUPER hot in this one, the colours remind me of the Twilight forest.

A shot from The Look Show at Westfield Stratford City. WOW that place was busy but good times!

My wall, and the spike Lita's which have probably been photographed more times than Bieber by now.

T and her furry friend in Oz. I love the way the koala is clearly working the Blue Steel here, cuuuuuuuute!

We've had such an amazing year, here's hoping we all have a fabulous 2012 too, AND that the world doesn't end as predicted by that god awful movie. But hey, if it does, let's all don our spiked jackets and get our Britney moves on underground. Ohhhh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh!!!

Lots of love and rawr kisses, Tara & Jade x x x x


  1. What a year!

    Have fantastic celebrations tonight!

    Look forward to more rawr in 2012.

    H x

  2. So super lovely to see these highlights. And how i LOL'd at Bear Grylls look alike. Has been so lovely to meet you this year! Hope to see you again soon. Keep up the good work, you're so lucky to have each other - makes your blog so fun and unique to read! x

  3. I LOVED this post. It's been amazing getting to know your blog over the last year. Happy New Year xx

  4. Happy New 2012 Year girls, best wishes!
    Jelena (glamfabchameleon.blogspot.com)

  5. Lovvvvveeee you girls!! We will reunite when T gets back ;) Happpyyyy 2012 xxxx

  6. very nice impressions! I wish you a happy 2012!! :-)


  7. Love those nails - think I'm going to have to get me some of those bad boys. How cute is the kaola too! Love the blog, just found you and you now have a new follower :) xxx


  8. Happy New Year girls! Here's to another ferocious year of fashion blogging and all things fabulous!x


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