Countdown To Christmas - A Rawrgirl Guide To Savvy Shopping!

Thursday 8 December 2011

Okay, so it's like 2 weeks (ish) away the big day and we're all running around like mentalists trying to find amazing gifts for our buds, but we don't all have the dollar to back us up right? Right. So it's time to get savvy. Here are a few gift ideas and tips to help you think on your well heeled feet ;)

Tip 1: ALWAYS check out TK Maxx.

I've recently found some amazing bargains instore; Disney Couture jewelz, House of Holland tights, dalmatian print satin and Cyberjammies PJ's, OPI giftsets, Cowshed yummies - the list goes on! If your local store isn't your cup of tea (mine is quite frankly, the bomb), there is no excuse not to look online - it's a veritable feast of hidden goodies! Top online picks that are just a click away right this second include All Saints accessories, starting at just £9.99! I know T would love this Large Link Necklace, £14.99. It's a classic AS style, these things don't date and I'm certain that it would go down a treat with any Saints fan!

Tip 2: Know your recipient.

For example, I know that Ally would be happy as a Rawrgirl on RPattz with anything that shows the tiniest bit of thought and is a bit awesome in the rock stakes, whereas a certain other person I know (Steph it's not you!) kind of disregards gifts that she deems um, useless! I have wasted a lot of energy and money buying said person a lot of things which if I'm honest, I kinda wanted to grab back as soon as I saw her face - fume! So yes, know your recipient. For those difficult people in life, I like to head straight for webby's like Find Me A Gift, or Firebox, where the potential gifts come thick and fast as you search by recipient type or category.

I'll be doing a show and tell on this super cute Fairy Wand Salt & Pepper Shaker set, £4.99 from Find Me A Gift this weekend, simply because they're too cute not to wave around whilst wearing a lot of glitter eyeshadow. Seriously, at just £4.99, they don't break the bank but they do make a thoughtful gift for a gal who likes her home accessories to be fun and cute (and I TOTALLY know one of those gals!).

Tip 3: Boys like Toys.

If you are a girl, chances are you have men in your life that you struggle to buy for and end up gifting socks or smellies sets for boys, and whilst very useful they aren't the most exciting things in the world. SO, how do we remedy this whilst not shelling out on videogames or ipods? TOYS. You may not like it, but do yourself a favour and take yourself off to the nearest Argos, Toys R Us or Smyths and make like a 10 year old. There are basically 3 types of men when it comes to toys.
Man 1 - Star Wars. He likes movies, gaming, clothes and is a bit trendsome.
Man 2 - Lego. The more serious, thinking man, possibly a dad.
Man 3 - NERF. The sporty, action guy. He's at the pub a lot.

It's safe to assume that if you can find a Lego Star Wars Nerf gun of some sort then it's a sure thing. This little guy is close enough, he's Lego AND Star Wars but with the addition of that ever useful man tool, a torch. The Lego Darth Vader Keylight, £6.99, Smyths. He brought so much joy to the boyfriend's little face when we brought him home. Bless.

And there you have it, a little introduction to our Countdown to Christmas week. Starting tomorrow we'll be showcasing a covetable item a day (because I spend A LOT of time staring at the interwebz looking at stuff so I need to share!), and if you like it then you better put a ring on it because there's not long left - oooooweeeeeee!!!!!

J - I've been an awful good girl ;)


  1. Good advice! You've found some great things in TK Maxx, I need to get betting at rummaging in there! x

  2. I love TK Maxx, mazin' Ho ho ho gurlz! xx

  3. Cool necklace, funny star wars!:)

  4. love this series! so excited for the holidays

  5. love this series! so excited for the holidays

  6. haha, i just bought one of those led keyrings today for my boyfriend!
    great minds think alike ;) xxx

  7. Just love this! It's a real Christmas fun that's gonna be!
    Educational Toys


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