Sera Ulger at Sosolo - A Creature Feature.

Monday 3 October 2011

I recently discovered - an eclectic and individual fashion store, which also specialises in vintage finds as well as showcasing new designers.

I was instantly drawn to the Sera Ulger pieces. Her 'Freaks of Nature' collection attracted attention from Vivienne Westwood and was photographed by Rankin to then be published in ‘YOU’ magazine where Kate Lester was to describe her as, 'One of Britain's future fashion stars'.

Her original prints on jerseywear seemed to jump off the screen at me, particularly the Aye Aye Dress - £25, because it's such an unusual creature to feature! An Aye Aye is a shy, nocturnal, some say ugly (I say, screw them!) lima-esque animal which I doubt many people have heard of but I have, so I loved this dress immediately! I went a bit arty on you for these pics; deliberately choosing to take them at night, and with a black cape over the dress to symbolise the dark world of the Aye Aye. Get me.

The back of it is really cool, with it's original print of the Aye Aye's bushy tail, but to save you the horrors of my butt, here is the pretty Sosolo model ;)

This next top is earmarked for Tara, it will look a million times cuter with her delicate shoulders peeking out over the slouch neckline, but as she is currently sunning them in Australia, you'll have to put up with me looking mean and moody in the dark again.

The Beady Bird Top - £20, is a cropped slouchy tee, again featuring one of Sera Ulger's original prints. This time a bird, repeated all over and finished with an actual beady eye to each one! I have to admit, I kinda love this and will literally be throwing it in T's care package in a jealous tantrum ;)

And this is it again in it's full modelled glory!

There are SO many inspirational pieces on the Sosolo webby; things you just won't see anywhere else, one offs and exciting new designer goodies. You should definitely go have a browse (I can totally feel Tara squeeing from across the other side of the world right now!), and why not try our discount code from the sidebar image? :)

J - Flying Sosolo.


  1. gorgeous! :)
    im loving the location of your little "shoot" haha the skyline is beautiful.


  2. Your photo shot is very funny! and look is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing us.
    Ladies Coats

  3. Love your pics! You look amaze J bird! H O TT HAWT! xx

  4. Ahhh thanks guys for the lovely comments!

    L Bone, I LOVE J Bird!


  5. Cool photos! I like your top!!:)


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