Jeffrey Campbell Uniform Brogues from Zalando - Silver Glitter LOVE!

Wednesday 21 September 2011

I love the androgynous look but flat brogue style shoes have never really been my thing, but being the trend whore that I am I wanted a pair regardless. Sooooo I thought, why not make them a flashy pair that I'll have fun wearing? Enter Zalando and the Jeffrey Campbell Uniform Glitter Silver. At £55 they are an affordable JC shoe and the most fun my feet could have in flat shoes that don't have wheels on ;)

I shall be wearing these bad boys on Friday night with H&M faux leather trousers and a dalmatian sweater from River Island, so look out for that outfit post this weekend but for now - my pretties...

I ordered a 38 (UK5) and although quite narrow, they fit true to size. The glitter seems to be holding firm so far, and there is A LOT of it! I'm not massively keen on the dark grey laces, they're a bit long and thick for the shoe in my opinion, but I haven't yet investigated alternatives. They could look ridiculously cute (and also just plain ridiculous) with ribbon laces, so that's something I might entertain trying! My friend tried them on and they made her dance, I'm not lying, she literally started pretending to tap dance. See? Flashy shoes are fun!

Zalando have a great selection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes at good prices too; Lita's start at £120 which is decent for a store catering for the UK (I've seen them higher). Delivery was fast and the packaging was a good solid box so my shoebox inside was pristine. I sound like a problem child saying that but one of my pet hates is buying shoes online and receiving them to find the box is battered because they ship them in a plastic bag type thing - gahhh!

I would definitely buy from Zalando again. Their link now resides in my favourites bar and I think I'll be popping a small selection of their wares into the 'Jade Wants' file which I usually bring to BF's attention around November each year *whistles*....

Anyhoo, sign up to the newsletter to get a £5 off voucher for orders over £30, it's better than a kick in the shins by a tap dancing, glittery shoe wearing shoebox freak!

J - Yet MOAR reasons to want another pair of Lita's. Damn you Zalando.


  1. Ooooooooooh, those are seriously pretty! I want!

  2. oh WOAH, they're gorgeous! Love the leopard print background too haha those shoes would look fierce with a leopard print dress come to think of it!

  3. OH, this is a brilliant shoes!:)

  4. Beautiful! I am treating myself to some Lita's tomorrow and will probably use this site now thanks to your fabby review!! SO EXCITED! These shoes are absolutely beautiful aswell , they would definately make me dance! xx

  5. These are GORGEOUS!!


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