REVIEW: Gorilla Perfume at LUSH!

Tuesday 23 August 2011

This week we've been testing out Lush's exclusive Gorilla Perfumes! We've had our paws on the following 8 different scents, and we just LOVE the way Lush bio each one, they're like snippets of poetry!...

Icon - If this perfume was a man, he'd be a troubled literary genius dressed in crushed purple velvet. If it were a drink, it'd be the underground choice du jour for poetry appreciation groups. Churchy myrrh and intoxicating orange blossom absolute form hypnotic combinations in this impossible-to-forget fragrance.
RAWR SAYS - Definitely one for your man; spicy, warm and yummy. Nuzzle in.

Love - Inspired by young, sweet and flirty love and the heartache that can sour it. Tempting apples and spice will remind you of everything nice about the exhilaration of romance.
RAWR SAYS - Mmmmm, sweet. The type of scent you want permanently inside your nostrils so everything smells like this!

1000 Kisses Deep - An exquisite and delicate apricot-note from osmanthus blossoms, combined with a touch of citrus and deep resins, expresses the complexities of true love. It encompasses the whole spectrum of feelings, the powerful rush of emotion, and conveys the abstract. Mark created 1,000 Kisses Deep in honour of the lasting love he shares with his wife.
RAWR SAYS - A light but memorable scent, the citrus notes are really promininent, which we likey.

The Smell of Weather Turning - The fragrance plays a trick of staging a thunderstorm in reverse. It opens with the fresh feeling of rain on greenery after the clouds have passed and develops a darker, smokier character as it warms on your skin. In the final stages, the smell of sweet hay and woods comes through. It feels like walking on sun-baked fields and through an ancient, summery forest.
RAWR SAYS - This one is too interesting to NOT like! It's like a summer walk in a forest. We imagine it would be appreciated more in the winter when you need a greenery fix.

Cocktail - An homage to classic French perfumery, achieved using large quantities of natural materials. The leading lady in this scent is ylang-ylang. Cocktail is preparing to go out for the evening with a chic drink in hand. It's the perfect companion after dark.
RAWR SAYS - Yesssss, a classic evening scent. Secsi secsi.

B Scent - A stylish and utterly feminine combination of rose tempered with crisp citrus. This is Mark’s daydream of what young French girls smell like.
RAWR SAYS - Again, a light but feminine scent, ideal for daytime and making an impression on the person sitting behind you on the bus ;)

Ladyboy - Ladyboy is unisex, daring and adorable. This fragrance was designed for bare skin. Its quirky and sexy amber scent was originally sketched out in honour of Brazilian beaches and their uninhibited inhabitants. Anyone with an eye for contemporary style and cheeky fun should grab it.
RAWR SAYS - We love this, it reminds us of sunkissed skin and ethnic markets in a foreign land. Gorgeous.

Superworld Unknown - Candyfloss and sparkling bubbles. If you feel down and need clarity, follow singer Karin Park's advice and enter the Superworldunknown. It's a panoramic world of possibility. Its impish combination of citrus notes and chocolate is like a surrealist dream of running away to the circus and escaping ties.
RAWR SAYS - Like pushing all the sweet jars over in a candy shop and stopping to drop and roll. We immediately smell sherbet lemons, and it just gets better from there!

Our faves are Superworldunknown, Ladyboy, 1000 Kisses Deep and Love! Though it's really too hard to pick! They are definitely unique scents, very powerful and long lasting too :) You can buy the above 8 perfumes online at & in select stores.

If unlike us you can't pick a favourite, you could always treat yourself to the Gorilla Perfume Miniatures Set (£19.95), which is made up of 8 samples. With this set you could pick a favourite to buy in full size, or just change your scent on a daily basis! ;)

P.S. We've been informed by our top secret* Lush insider (Ericaaaaa!), that the Edinburgh store is hosting an exclusive Gorilla Perfume launch party on Thursday 25th August! Get all the deets on their Facebook page so get liking!

Swing by the Princes Street store between 8-10pm for perfume infused cocktails & bespoke h'or d'heurves inspired by Gorilla Perfume!

J & T - Smelling gert LUSH! ;) XoX

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  1. Ohhh yummy I like the sound of Superworld Unknown and Love! X


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