RawrGirl's Review and Giveaway - Nailene Nail Studio Nails and Ultra Tabs!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Paws up if you love the look of false nails, but hate having to get them off after use? ME!! So when Nailene offered me a pack of their fab Nail Studio Nails and Ultra Tabs to try, I thought, hmmm why the hellz not?!

The Ultra Tabs are amazing little tabs of adhesive that you pop onto your nail before pressing on the false nail (so it's so much easier than blobbing on super sticky glue from a tiny tube) but the best bit comes when you're ready to take the nails off - you literally just ROLL the nail off along with the adhesive underneath! No soaking, no picking, no messed up nail - just roll off et voila, clean nails! It reminds me of the glue blobs that hold sachets of shampoo etc onto magazine pages - very pliable but still super sticky. These tabs were like a revelation for me. It's so easy to make a repair too. I had a daft accident and one of my nails was damaged, but I just rolled it off, applied a new tab and nail and went on my merry way in like, a minute!

Here are some pics of my finished result. This hand pretty much took about 3 mins to apply and I was really pleased with the results!

They lasted about 4 days before the adhesive started to fail, but the nails themselves were fine. If I chose to, I could've rolled them off, cleaned them up and used them again with new tabs :)

Overall I highly recommend these Nailene sets, I had a ton of compliments on my 'manicure' through the week (Ye-essss, I admitted they were amazing falsies!) and I don't think I'll use nail glue ever again!

To spread the love, we also have 3 sets to giveaway to you guys, so how can you get your claws on them? Follow these steps!

1) Compulsory! Follow the blog and make a comment on this post. If you choose to do the optional 2nd and 3rd entries into the draw below, then tell us this when you make the comment. Don't forget to leave a blog url, email addy or Twitter username so we can contact you if you win.

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3) For an optional third entry into the draw, follow Nailene UK on Facebook (clicky to open new window to FB) and tell them we sent you on their wall!

UK residents only this time, sorry. Contest will end on 22/08 at 6pm and winners will be contacted shortly afterwards. Good luck!

J - I totally Nail-ened it!


  1. Ok so I'm getting on a bit, never- yes never had my nails done but what do they say "it's never too late"! Big wedding coming up (the son, not me) and I've decided it's time to start sorting myself out. These nails sound perfect for me (are they truly idiot proof?) and I would love to give them a go. Then I can dye the hair- again a first!!

  2. wow these look pretty good for falsies and its such a better idea than using nail glue which I hate. would love to enter your giveaway. my natural nails are just a mess at the moment.


  3. Well I'm an eyelash expert yet false nails baffle me, but I was applying these like an old hand - love them!

    Thanks for entering girls! J x

  4. great giveaway :) and im following the blog!

  5. Hi i am following as a keen nail artist i love to win this x

  6. Hi! am following on GFC. Following both on twitter and have tweeted and also liked the facebook page! My nails need a helping hand from all the day to day mummy duties and would be great for my holiday! x

  7. ah my nails break so easily (mostly due to my job) my mates having a 21st birthday in essex, these would be perfect for that and make my nails look gorgeous <3
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  8. These look grrreat...

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  9. they look cool would love to try them. following on gfc (fun house)Tweeting as @jessws2011 Following on fb Jessicawhitehead-stevens

  10. They look amazing, I always have trouble with my own nails so rely on falsies when we go out a lot.

    I've followed you with GFC and am following both on Twitter, I've tweeted as @MunchKim, finally I've liked on facebook and posted as Kim Allen

    Thanks for running this fab giveaway!

  11. i have followed your blog already

    i already follow you both, and have tweeted @mummylion

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    (brill prize, ive not had nice nails for YONKS!)

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  14. I have liked Nailene UK on facebook and told them you sent me. natalie mse goatley nataliemay27@hotmail.com

  15. Amazing! Thank you for this opportunity.
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    Thanks, Rachel xx

  16. Thanks for the giveaway - I need all the help I can get!
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  17. Would love to try these as my nails are so brittle
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  18. Wow - these look amazing!
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    Thanks so much!

    Sara :) x

  19. wow - i'd love nails like that :)

    @NakkiNoo83 x

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  22. brill review!! would love to try some :)
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  23. i've followed, commented, liked, followed both on twitter and tweeted. Would love to win these to cover up the mess made by recent acrylic tips without doing more damage to my nails.


  24. I am following the blog

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  26. following by gfc (it will say nicola jenkinson but i am now nicola reynolds - ive never bothered changing it hehe) if i am lucky you could contact me on twitter @pooklexiandbump

  27. my daughter would love these as her nails will never grow long without breaking. Great comp, thanks x

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  29. Oh these look great!

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    My Twitter username is: NazMse :) x

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  31. Cute nails on cute fingers. I've entered and retweeted xx


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