AW11 Week - Saturday's Child Works Hard To Get Feathering!

Saturday 20 August 2011

Every day this week we will be reminding you of an upcoming AW11 trend!

Today's trend is 'Saturday's Child Works Hard To Get Feathering!' - We're absolutely obsessed with feathers. We want them in our hair, on our jewels and just pretty much all over us. We nearly melted when we spotted this incredible ombre dress (with ostrich feathers) at LFW... Matthew Williamson is such a tease:

As we don't have a few K (££££) to spare for the perfect feather dress, this AW we'll be dripping head to toe in everything feathery from Regal Rose.

Our #1 feather must-have is this gorgeous Muna Dream Catcher Necklace (£14). It's perfect for adding a sprinkle of 'boho cool' to any outfit.

We'll also be wearing this super fly Gabriel Ear Cuff (£15) well into the colder months. Check out J's previous post if you want to see how awesome it looks on! ;)

Would you call yourself a Saturday's Child!? Are you feather obsessed like us? If feathers aren't your thing, check back tomorrow for the last AW trend of the week!

T - Call me Pocahontas. XoX


  1. I'm completely feather obsessed at the moment!

    Currently lusting after this from Topshop

  2. Omg Saz that is GORGEOUS! I need it!! T xoxo

  3. Love feathers, feather hair extensions and earrings mmmhmm!


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