AW11 Week - And the Child Who is Born on the Sabbath Day is Rocking the FETISH and Out To Play!

Sunday 21 August 2011

Every day this week we have been reminding you of an upcoming AW11 trend!

We've saved the best for last because the final trend is 'And the Child Who is Born on the Sabbath Day is Rocking the FETISH and Out To Play!' - we love a bit of leather, straps and underwear as outerwear so this is our fave!

The standout show for this trend for us was Thierry Mugler at PFW. Gaga, Formichetti and fetish - OH MY!

Wet look, sheer chiffon/mesh and on show lingerie were running themes through the collection.

I'm sure we've all noticed it filter through to the high street with sheer blouses in every store, but to really get the runway look a girl has to flash a bit of bra under her shirt, so it has to be a hot one! We love this KITTY Wet Look Lace Mix Longline Bra, £22 from ASOS because it has that extra wet look sauce ;)

We also spotted these amazing Black Wet Look Socks, £8 at River Island, which would be a nice nod to the trend if you didn't want to talc up and wriggle into a pvc skirt or wet look leggings!

We're thinking they'd look great with shorts and boots, they'd also compliment and funk up another AW11 trend - heritage tweeds and tartan.

We also ADORED Gareth Pugh, with models strutting down the runway looking like The Matrix's Neo on S&M night (and this is a good thing trust us!) - lots of black leather and draping - yum! We love this dress, it even has a touch of gothic in there with the cross!

So, obviously, as the high street masters of said leather and draping, All Saints are going to nail this one, we LOVE the Ayame dress, £135, a look we could all pull off without getting in too much trubz ;)

This trend is definitely our fave and we're not afraid to get our fetish on in the name of fashion, but for those who find it a bit out there, there are so many other ways to rock it this season so there's really no excuse not to get even a tiny part of your inner dominatrix out ;)

So that's it, AW11 trend reminder week is over, it's going to be a good one ladies...

J & T - We'll be your mistresses tonight...


  1. fetish amazing! lol This look is hott!!!

  2. I'm in love with the fetish look! Louis Vuitton's collection is to die for...I did a post recently on fetish stuff so take a look if you like and let me know what you think! xoxo

  3. Still not certain how I feel about fetish overall these days. But, Gaga looks fierce and I do love that ASOS bra. :)

  4. Love your new layout girls! Love you toooooo (obvs!) x

  5. So happy you made the top 20 girls! I have everything crossed for the final 5! x

  6. Loving the blog girls! Mind if I follow you? Feel free to do the same.


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