We're Lovestruck thanks to Solestruck!

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Solestruck is the most amazing shoe website on the interwebs. FACT. They have the world's most incredible selection of shoes & visiting their online store will result in you wanting one of everything.

BE WARNED, the below pictures may result in excessive spending & complete shoe addiction...

Jeffrey Campbell- Lita Stud, $264.95.

Just incase you missed our tweet about these bad boys, we would sell our entire closets and wear curtains if it meant we could have these on our feet. SO hawt.

Ego and Greed- Bowler Esp, $139.95.

J nearly died when she spotted these. The print is too freakin cute. We both agree that kitties should be on more shoes!! ;)

Sam Edelman-Lorissa, $199.95.

"Your dirty you wants to meet your innocent you. The dirty you loves the brushed silver cone studs. The innocent you has to have rhinestones." These heels scream good girl gone bad!

Senso- Wilma, $189.95.

Aussie brand Senso is as fierce as they come. These Wilma shoes are perfect for the RAWRgirl who loves to make a statement and not for the faint hearted! ;)

Haus of Price- Multi Gem Pump, $239.95.

Princess shoes!! Wowza. These are awesome. There can't be a woman on this planet who wouldn't love to run around in these little gems, while pretending to be a princess! All we need to do now is to convince a prince charming to buy them for us...

We decided that sharing 5 shoes at a time is enough to prevent you from going into total shoe heaven meltdown. See you at the weekly 'Shoe Addicts Anonymous meeting' ;)

J & T XoX

All images credited to Solestruck.


  1. Love JC love those and everyone of his shoes.


  2. i love number 3 and 4!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  3. i want, want want the lita studded and cosmic in my life! overspending is right! gah.....

    care to visit/follow if you'd like?

    chic in the tropics

  4. I'll take them all pleeaase :)



  5. in love with the first ones !!


  6. the litas are beautiful. wow.
    please visit my blog, would be an honour
    It's Fashion Damnit

  7. LOVE all of them.. Just postet some shoes from solestruck as well, great!


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