RAWRgirls Take On The BlueBeards Revenge!

Friday 15 July 2011

Proper manly wet shaving with a bristle brush and actual shaving cream is traditionally only something men of a certain quality go in for. Men whose facial hair, and the construction of, sends a message to the world; a message of power and virility, with a dash of defiance thrown in to make the ladies swoon. And it works too, girls you might want to sit down for Exhibits 1, 2 and 3, of extreme masculinity...

Exhibit 1) The sheer madness that is Gerard Butler's combination of super smooth chest and super thick beard. The chicks loved a Spartan who knew which parts to throw a cut-throat blade around and which to leave au-natural...

Exhibit 2) The perfection of Magnum P.I's smooth jawline and wicked 'tache indicates that he has his life in order, and is probably awesome in the sack.

Exhibit 3) And probably the most dangerous of all, the pure testosterone that is Ron Burgundy. RAWR.

Anyway, we digress (anything for a bit of eye candy), so our point is that whilst us girls appreciate the look of a man who takes the time to perfect his shaving routine with good, strong, traditional manly men's grooming products, we tend to get swept up into buying unicorn pastel coloured 'made for women' gel and vibrating pineapple scented razors when it comes to the silkifying of our legs, underarms and lady parts! So when The Bluebeards Revenge boys challenged us to try their Luxury Shaving Cream (£9.99) , explaining that it contains Decelerine™; a mixture of active ingredients that inhibits hair growth, decreases length and density of unwanted hair and also provides a soothing, moisturising and anti-inflammatory effect, we literally threw our dainty selves into their musclebound arms in excitement at the thought of this secret boys club product working it's magic on our legs!

Our bundles of fun dropped through the door and we were instantly onto it. The packaging is (dare we say this) super cute, we're already pirate enthusiasts and the little skull and crossbones on the Doubloon Bristle Shaving Brush (£6.99) had us at hello and would totally look amazing in our bathrooms!

So off we skipped to the shower (not together, calm down) for some try out action (insert your own montage sequence here, perhaps set to Gaga's 'Hair' or something topic appropriate), and the verdict was....2 super smooth converted RAWRgirls!

The little cream and brush combo pretty much provided the closest shave we've ever had on our legs (and we were using the same lady razors as always). The scent is pleasant enough, not overly masculine or too strong on our delicate female nostrils. A little does indeed go a VERY long way (on average use a tub of The Bluebeards Revenge cream typically lasts 3-5 months, which is an absolute age compared to your usual can of £2 gel right?!) and like, one little dunk in the cream literally does a whole female body! Our legs felt soft and smooth for longer too, a girl could definitely get used to this, especially if regular use really does inhibit the hair growth - errr, yes please!!

So in conclusion, YES, it may be the manliest of manly products but like a gent, it knows how to treat a lady's curves, and as yet we have no desire to wear plaid shirts or wield a power tool so there doesn't appear to be any side effects... ;)

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J & T - Don't act like you're not impressed.


  1. lovely post, and thanks for visiting my blog :) i followed you back :)

  2. I got sent this when it first launched and refuse to use anything else!

  3. ha ha, great post, got me smiling on a Monday morning, no mean feat! x


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