Rawr Girls LOVE Punky Pins!

Monday 25 July 2011

Punky Pins offer a range of fun, young & edgy designs that can't be found on the high street! The brand was established in 2005 and all of their jewellery and clothing pieces are produced and handmade in-house. Us Rawr Girls have been rockin' Punky Pins for years but last week we received our best haul yet!

Our new bling...

Soda Pop Name Necklace, £10. We ADORE our RawrGirl necklaces so much! They're SO cute and just the perfect size - we literally squee'd when we opened the boxes!

Scrabble Initial Necklace, £7. These are perfect for adding a bit of pop to an outfit, and you can layer them with other pieces too because they're so light and neutral in colour.

They've become a bit of a RawrGirl staple - J & T = double style score!

Love & Hate Tattoo Studs, £4.50. These earrings are fierce. Totally love the little broken 'Hate' heart - adorable!

Chunky Metal Lightening Bolt Necklace, £12. Wow, this piece slayed us, PP weren't joking when they called this chunky! It's shiny, weighty and just gorgeous. The chain is a nice length too, it looks pretty darn good with our fave Wildfox tees ;)

Reversible Metal Mix Tape Necklace, £12. How very 80's!? We absolutely love this chunky necklace, it's like a trip down memory lane! We remember recording our favourite tunes from the radio & then blasting them on our Sony Walkmans ;) The best thing about this necklace is that it's reversible, choose Pink or Blue to reflect your mood!

Pink Metal Retro Car Necklace, £9.
Bubble Pop Electric! How cute is this!? It makes us think of Grease & is perfect for adding a quirky touch to any outfit. Totally adorablz.

We think it's awesome that they're constantly releasing new designs & everything is so darn affordable. It's even been spotted on numerous celebrities such as Alexandra Burke!

You can view the full collection on their website & make sure you stalk them on Twitter & Facebook for all the latest news & giveaways.

J & T- Never taking our 'RawrGirl' necklaces off! ;) XoX


  1. Those are some really great pieces! ;)

  2. AMAZING, especially the first one!

  3. So cute! I want a name one too!

  4. Thanks for reminding me about punky pins - I hadn't looked at their stuff for ages!



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