Thursday, 28 July 2011

Feather Hair Extensions by Feather Ray!

I love feather jewellery & own a whole stack of feather earrings, so when I recently heard about feather hair extensions, I was super intrigued! I started to notice celebs rockin' the hair feather look, Ke$ha in particular kept popping up with feathers in her hair:

As I don't really like to dye my hair, so the thought of using brightly coloured feathers to create highlights sounded uber appealing! After a quick Google search, I found out that Steven Tyler is to blame for the sudden feather frenzy. The craze is MASSIVE in the US, hair salons will apply feathers to your hair for muchos dollars & they can last weeks, if not months.

A further Google search led me to a UK website (not to be named but they are total rubbish) who sell hair feathers that you can apply yourself. I placed an order & after watching this amazing tutorial by Kandee Johnson, I was convinced I'd be able to put them in myself:

How adorable is she!?

A few days later my feathers arrived & I ripped open the package!! My heart sank. The feathers were TINY, I couldn't believe I'd wasted £15 on them. I was absolutely devastated and it seemed my hair feather dream was over. I began to give up on the idea of having ridiculously cool hair...UNTIL I discovered the amazing Feather Ray!

They have a fantastic website that clearly shows what you get in each feather pack. They also have pictures of girls wearing each pack in case you aren't sure which look(s) to go for! I was slightly dubious (after the last feather disaster), so I got in contact with Ro to ask her about the size of the feathers. She was SO helpful and gave me lots of information and advice.

I decided to go for the 'Rainbow Festival Mix' which is £15:

I wasn't disappointed!!

I re-watched Kandee Johnson's video and put them in! The great thing about real feathers is that you can wash, curl & straighten them as if you would your own hair. Also, if you look after them they can last up to 2 months! Wowza.

I personally like separating the feathers to create a funky all over feather look. However, because you get at least seven feathers, you can apply them in twos or threes, or even all together to make a fierce statement!

After finding Feather Ray I would never buy hair feathers from anywhere else. It's run by 2 best friends, Neal and Ro who are feather fiends, festival crazy & super sweet. I 100% recommend them to everyone!!

For more Feather Ray news, follow them on Facebook & stalk them on Twitter.

T- Totally buying a few extra packs to take backpacking! No dodgy backpacker hair for this Rawr Girl. XoX

Please note: For those who have concerns about the feathers, Feather Ray use the best quality, ethically produced, real feathers. They carefully choose their feathers and source them from the worlds top producer, Whitings Farm. You can expect nothing but the best from Feather Ray.


  1. feather extensions are the shit. i love these things.

  2. Oooh ty for the link! I've been wearing feather extensions for a few months now, but importing the feathers from the US was such a pain! Will definitely check out the site you mentioned! :)

  3. Ladies y'all should definitely splurge- you won't be disappointed!

    @Saz- I know exactly what you mean, I looked into it myself but got the world's biggest headache, I'm so glad I found Feather Ray!

  4. these look incredible! Just checked out BlackMilk's range- so so cool, never heard of them before so thanks for introducing me and also commenting me. You've got a fantastic blog!!

  5. i actually really love this look! never thought i would but i really feel the need to get myself some feathers now, my hair feels so boring!


  6. aahh I need some of those! SO COOL.

  7. wow I love them, thanks for the info, I'm totally sold! Thanks for the great link. The only problem is my hair is too short at the moment. Haha...but you look beautiful!


  8. the feather extensions are so cool and awesome! nice!
    btw, thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment.

    xo, AiR

  9. I love these the idea of feather extensions, they are very rocker chic!!

    The Honeyroom

  10. I'm loving feathers at the mo, especially on jewellery! Thanks for stopping by to see me & your lovely comment. Check out my OOTD post xoxo

  11. Wow that`s so cool! I love feathers, too.

  12. Thank you so much for your comment! And for following, I'm following you back!!

    Love this post! Kisses



  14. Omg! I am in love with the feathers they are amazing but I can never pull them off

  15. Thanks so much for your comment and fo following,it means so much!
    I hate that when that happens,you order something,look forward to it arriving,then isnt at all what you expected! Shame. This looks really cool,I just bought a hair clip from primark,with chains and feathers! Love feathers x
    Im follwoing your fab blog too.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  16. Love feathers, it's a great idea to refresh hair with them.
    Thanks for your comment!


  17. Very cute like it - thanks for your comment have followe dx

  18. Thank you so much sweeties for commenting and following!!! Follow you back!

    I've always loved feather looks!!

    Have a lovely weekend!!


  19. Great post :) Thanks for visiting, want to follow each other?

  20. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    Love the feathers!


  21. I love this trend! Might order them ;) xx

  22. the coloured strands are gorgeous!!
    Come follow my blog hun :)

  23. These are so cool & original! Thanks for sharing! ❤

  24. wow! those look so cool! I've always wanted to try feather in my hair, but I never knew where to get them. Now I do! Love your blog. I'm now following you as well :)

    xo andrea marie

  25. Those feathers look great on you. I had watched Kandee's tutorial, she's amazing :) x

  26. Love the feather fiasco! So gorgeous and you are my kinda girl to be taking them backpacking! Nice!

    Love your blog, so clever, fun & creative! Following you now. Would love it if you would like to follow back!

    Dressology HQ

  27. I love the Rainbow Festival Mix! It's so coloured and funny :P
    But I prefer to wore the feathers in little groups of one or two and apply them in the same place (of the hair of course).

    Kisses and thanks for the visit!

  28. Thanks for commenting my blog :)
    Love this one!!
    Would you like to follow each other?Let me know :)

  29. I want to buy a pair they are amazing!!


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  31. These are so gorgeous, I'm so in love! Will definitely try these. Thanks for sharing. xoxo, Veena <3

  32. Love this idea!
    We are sooo gonna try it!
    Hope you girls are good.
    Much love!
    Adrianne Vintage Jewellery

  33. Thanks for the great review, those feather extensions look great!

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  39. They look great! I love my feathers, i got them from

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