Sunday 5 June 2011

I recently got my paws on a bottle of Xen-Tan's newest product, Perfect Blend (RRP £34.99); an innovative dual chamber bottle containing two separate tanning products designed to work together – self-tan on one side and instant bronzer on the other, you simply twist the dial to select the colour you want to achieve and the 2 products are dispensed together to create the 'Perfect Blend'!

I am naturally very pale (despite my dark hair and eyes), so when I self tan I usually need to start with a light colour building up to a darker shade, or it becomes very apparent that it's fake! This is obviously time consuming, and can be expensive too, as I can go through a lot of product before achieving a good colour!

I tried Perfect Blend for the first time last night, and the results this morning are AMAZING. I've tried A LOT of self tanning products over the years and nothing has come close to this for ease of application and colour results. I applied it using the Xen-Tan Luxury Tanning Mitt (RRP £3.99), a yummy velour mitt which totally speeded up (and tidied up - no mucky palms!) the application process. For my first time, I chose a fairly light shade and managed a full body and face application in less than ten minutes, which used approximately a fifth of the contents. The instant bronzer left a pretty, shimmery and lightly tanned tint to my skin as opposed to a muddy nasty colour you want to wash off STAT, and I would definitely be keen to use it by itself! The scent was yummy (Perfect Blend includes Xen-Tan's breakthrough product Scent Secure (RRP £24.99) that neutralises the usual icky tanning odours) and it dried fast - I was PJ'd up 2 minutes after completing application! And then, we wait......

Fast forward to this morning, and BF comes in from Sunday football, looks at me and says 'Wow, you're brown!' ;) And I am! I have a natural looking even all over tan, not a streak in sight, which is amazing when I consider how pale I was. No real need to apply another layer to get a deeper colour, but I'm considering it anyway because now I'm hooked and wondering what a top-up could achieve! This is hot stuff. I know it's a bit more expensive than other products but the fact that I don't need to re-apply it to get an acceptable result makes it totally cost effective, plus it's like getting 4 products in 1; a self tanner, an instant bronzer, an instant bronzer with a self tanner in it AND a moisturiser - which would easily tot up to £35 if I was to buy them all at once!

This RAWR girl is totally converted. Take 4 tanning products to the checkout, not me, now I just Perfect Blend and go! Yeah, I know that's cheesy but I couldn't help it sorry! Seriously, it's amazing, if you are a regular tanner and haven't tried any Xen-Tan products, you need to go there and Perfect Blend is the ideal first purchase. This is one girl who is never going back!

This weekend if you buy Perfect Blend, Xen-Tan will give you their Body Scrub (RRP £14.99) for FREE, and it's free delivery!

J - The skin and body of Jessica Alba. Okay, just the skin then ;)


  1. Never heard of this product before, but to be honest I'm not really into trying out tan lotions and stuff because I'm pale and I always turn out orange hahaa!


  2. Well I'm super pale Shanah, and it's totally workable, not orange at all. I wish I could show a before/after swatch but it's really difficult to do with tanners! Try self tanner out on somewhere that doesn't get exposed in everyday life first, to check on the colour :)

    J x

  3. I need some fake tan but i have a Avon one to use first,trouble is it has a very strong smell....:)

  4. I could really use an effective product like this.. I wish it were available where I live! My pale legs are a bit frightening at the moment... >.<


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