Maggie Angus Does LEO!

Saturday 4 June 2011

I am MORE than in love with these new pieces from RAWR fave Maggie Angus! It's SO hard to get classy leopard print jewellery; you so often see hoop or button earrings, bangles or pendants that just don't have enough surface area to pull off an amazing leo print, so when the lovely Anna at Maggie Angus showed me this mini collection I was super excited! Anna has taken a classic leopard print and used the actual shapes to create gorgeous perspex jewellery!

The necklace is £24.99, bracelet comes in at £22.99 and the earrings are £15.99. I've just ordered the earrings, I literally can't wait to receive them! I will of course be doing a show and tell ;)

And keep an eye out for the new Maggie Angus Night Life collection which launches on 1st July, we've seen a sneak peek and let's just say that if you're a lover of our nocturnal furry and feathered friends, you will want to be there on release date! Anna describes the collection as a '...wonderful world of nocturnal creatures. Bold striking silhouettes of deer, bears, feathers, foxes and owls are created by the crystal glare of the moon. Each piece of jewellery is made from a sleek palette of black glittered and luscious shiny-mirrored perspex, reflecting the mysterious and magical universe at night.' Sounds absolutely fierce!

J - dropping a lot of leo bitchez!


  1. I absolutely love these - they're so cute x

  2. Love them. We always said that you girls have fab taste in jewellery :) x

  3. It's such a different way to do animal print, I've never seen anything like that before, they're lovely :)



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