Epic Wildfox Couture Sale at Spoiled Brat!

Thursday 9 June 2011

I quite literally died when I went for my daily spy on www.spoiledbrat.co.uk and found they had dropped the price on the final pieces of Wildfox Couture in stock - and we are talking LOW! It's also Buy One Get One Half Price - SQUEEEE!!!

I scored the Bite Me sweats at £19 from £90 (L only left now), and the super pretty Love Potion dress at £30 from £150 (the last one in stock - I hope!), and the BOGOHP means I got both for just over £40 shipped!

They also have the Locked & Loaded leggings for £18 from £90 (S & L left), and the Skeleton leggings (which I already have and ADORE!) for £18 from £90 (S only), again on BOGOHP!

Girls, if you are a S or L, you need to be on this! We just hope this mega price drop doesn't mean that SB aren't planning to stock WF anymore?! :(

Check out the rest of the Spoiled Brat Sale too, there's a ton of stuff on Buy One Get One Half Price, for us chicks, our men and even the kids!

J - Totally planning to rock the Bite Me sweats to see Breaking Dawn!


  1. those leggings are so cute :)

  2. Those leggings are so awesome!

  3. Those leggings look really funny! I'd like tohave the pink ones! :)

  4. great leggins ;-)


  5. fabulous finds! i don't know which i like best!

  6. OMG - I so need those bite me trousers! Shame there's only L left, I would totally get them ;) following youuuuuu..


  7. Love it! aspecially the pink one with the sheep is funny ;D Thanks for your comment! I follow back :)


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