Tis' a Rare thing to be this pretty!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Rare Fashion is a brand close to my heart. We both have roots in Liverpool, and I remember buying a dress from their first Topshop concession in the city; a little black stretch sweater number with detachable sleeves that were buckled on. I ADORED that dress, and together we partied through the early noughties! These days, Rare is still producing gorgeous, individual pieces, and I still love them! Here are a few of my fave pieces from the latest collection....

This Embroidered Cut Out Peter Pan Dress £42, is so pretty and perfect for summer parties. Loving the mexicana feel to the colours of the embroidery contrasting with the cream chiffon.

These Folk Belted Shorts £35, look like they came straight out of my mum's AMAZING 70's wardrobe, they're so cute and would be perfect for this summer's festivals!

These Pleated Chiffon Culottes £42, are so chic. I'm not massively keen on the current chiffon pleated trousers trend because I personally think they look a bit much, buuuuuuut the culottes length almost looks like a skirt, but with the cool edge of trousers! Still following? Check it!

And the gold studs against this sunny coral colour of the Chiffon Stud Dress £36, are a hot touch.

I would totally fill my summer closet with Rare; pretty but secsi, girly with an edge. 10 years on from that first LBD, I'm still a fan and always will be!

J - Rare-ly wrong ;)


  1. The Pleated Chiffon Culottes skirt is so beautiful, I really enjoy it!

  2. Tereza - Me too, and I didn't think I'd ever like that style!

    Daisychain - TELL me about it - gah!

    J x x x


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