Go-Go-Gadget SPANX Super Power Panties!

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Spanx Panties have always intrigued me. You see them peeking out from under Beyonce's and Eva Longoria's red carpet dresses or hear rumours that Anne Hathaway rocked them all the way through filming The Devil Wears Prada, and obviously you wonder if they are really that good right? So when Tights Please asked us if we wanted to review the new Spanx Super Power Panties - normally £28, of course we bit their hands off!

These modern girdles claim to '...feature a tummy taming panel, patented leg band which prevents bulges on thighs, compression zones which help target the right places and a sleek cling free finish...' - well we'll see shall we?!

Choosing your size is easy using the special height/weight chart...

I quickly figured out I would be a size B and Tights Please sent me this very attractive pair in Nude ;)

After BF and I had a good giggle over how incredibly small they look fresh out of the packet (we compared the size of them to our Build-A-Bear's tiny camo's!), I ran upstairs to squeeze into them and choose a suitably tight dress to test drive them underneath (I grabbed a stretchy lycra affair that I wouldn't normally wear sans oversized shirt or cardi!), and here are the results...

BEFORE SPANX.... Here I am wearing a normal everyday thong underneath. You can see where it cuts into my less than Fergilicious erm, 'abs' which causes an unsightly pot belly appearance. Ugh. I also noted how flat my butt looks and that the front of my thighs pop out a little, again, ughhhhh....

AFTER SPANX.... This pic actually shocked me. My tummy looks totally flat and toned, I can't stop looking at it! I also noticed that my behind has a much stronger line and looks lifted, whilst my thighs and hips don't seem to be stretching the dress material so much. I guess those compression zones do work after all! Wow.

I'm totally converted to SPANX shapewear. I'm a curvy UK12 and my midriff muscle tone isn't great but I felt really contained and controlled in these pants, yet still able to breathe! Whilst at first you may gulp at spending so much ££ on such a (let's be honest) UGLY pair of knicks, think about the confidence they are likely to give you and how much better you could look in that dress or skirt! Now, do SPANX make these things for the tops of your arms?....

BIG thanks to Tights Please for showing me the SPANX way!

J - Compressed and Impressed.


  1. that is a great effect that they give. I don't know , but I hav never seen them in italy. Here they would have been a great product.

    The Dolls Factory

  2. This post really made me laugh 'erm 'abs' haha!!
    I cant believe how well they work,I bought the trinny and susannah ones last year and they are crap! But I would definitely give these a go! :) I think they should do ones for the tops of arms aswell! lol! :) xxx

  3. this tights sounds good!, I think it'll pretty awesome if I get one :D.

  4. spanx are truly the way for a quick shape up fix



  5. Thanks for all the comments! x


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