Wildfox Astrology Fox - Aquarius = Simply Irresistable!

Wednesday 30 March 2011

It's no secret that we adore Wildfox Couture, so when we were given the opp to be part of the Wildfox Astrology Fox gang, we literally squealed!

Wildfox's Heart of Gold range of tees are dedicated to the 12 signs of the zodiac, with each tee rocking a fun slogan that represents the sign's personality. As an Aquarius, I am apparently 'Simply Irresistable', as if we didn't know already ;)

Wildfox Couture Aquarius Simply Irresistable tee, £65.

I took my inspiration from this iconic Rolling Stone Britney cover (look how adorably dark blonde her hair is!), because she has always been simply irresistable in our eyes, we worship her!

I laid a few tees out from my WF collection to lie on, grabbed a couple of toys and a ringpop and set to work pouting. Simply Irresistable? I hope!

Okay, so that last one is a little naughty, but no-one said irresistable couldn't be saucy right? ;) The tee itself is everything you love about Wildfox; oversized but sexy AS, soft and yummy, and of course - super cool.

Check out all 12 tees here and let us know if your starsign motto suits you!

J - Such a wild fox.


  1. "happy go lucky",isn't that the truth. like a cat I land on my feet, and can squeeze through any tight space all with a smile on my face.
    What a fun shirt, and I love the photos at the end of the post.

  2. Happy Go Lucky - aww! The slogans are too cute, I love the Leo 'Me First' too :D



  3. AMAZING! What a good idea too! xxx

  4. Amelia! Thanks ;) I've just realised we aren't following your blog, what the hellz is that all about?! As nice as it would've been to be number 300, I couldn't wait and followed just now!

    J x

  5. Oh wow, love them, but my purse doesn't. :(
    I'm 'secret heart' apparently, which I guess is kinda right! :)


  6. Love this post! Mine is heart of gold :)

  7. i have the cancer t shirt. mine's "imagine". one of my favorite tshirts!

  8. Ahh thank you so much with your great comment!
    i know Britney spears is a huge honere to be compared with(L)
    so thank you girls so much!
    so sweet!
    like the blog Dawwls!

    i have a new outfitpost,
    maybe you can take a look?

    everyday a new post

    xo model from holland

  9. I like Aquarians! You look beautiful! And those fluffy toys are so cute! =)

  10. J - you never told me you were a model send from the heavens! ;) xx


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