What's In J's Incredibly Small Bag?

Monday 21 March 2011

My current fave bag is a L.A.M.B. crossbody, tiny really, which explains why I usually carry a carefully folded cotton tote in there, but I adore it. It fits in with most outfits perfectly, and I love the security a body hugging crossbody provides.

You'd be surprised what I can get in this bad boy but I don't use public transport so I rarely need to carry around anything other than a chick's necessities. Books, magazines, iPod's etc never see the insides of any of my bags. I carry the bare essentials. And my essentials are.....

The obligatory folded cotton tote, in this case, a much loved and manhandled Wildfox Couture Love Potion one.

Keys - both house and car. Please note the photo keychain of my angst ridden yet ever loving boyfriend Mr Cullen.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - my baby whom without I could not harass T all day, everyday.

MAC Viva Glam 2 Lady Gaga lipglass AND lipstick, because I switch between glossy and matte all day.

Trusty Harajuku Lovers notebook and fun Hello Kitty multi-coloured pen.

Tyre valve caps - ummm....?

Eylure false eyelash glue - because when you don't have it with you, you inevitably end up with your lashes on your cheek.

And cards, which of course get zipped up in the inner pocket. I save my purse for my bigger bags.

And some gratuitous close ups of this spawn of Gwen.

Et voila! Like me, my bag's life doesn't have much room for error, but unlike me, he does have his own personal assistant should he become overloaded. Life is good for my Lambie. Siiiigh!

J - the raddest queen of them all.


  1. Love the wildfox tote! I never carry much around with me either :)

  2. Ahh, I love the posts, being nosy and seeing what everybody carries around. Loving the bag and the notebook is super cute!

  3. I love this post and you have inspired me to break down my handbag and just carry essentials.

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments girls!

    I guess I'm lucky enough to be able to throw all my shizz in the boot of my car and not haul around a bag that weighs the same as a toddler, but streamlining is good, even if it means the contents of my bag aren't as exciting or cool as they could be (I'm thinking I'd LOVE to carry around amazing novels, glossy mags, a favourite perfume, Macbook etc but DAMN that must be heavy!) ;)

    J x

  5. LOVE your L.A.M.B cross body! I need to get something of Gwen Stefani's ASAP! :)xoxo


  6. Nice! I like the bag, too cute, and the tote too!



  7. I love your Cullen key chain. Haha! This is a fun post.

  8. The hello kitty keyring is so cute!

    chloe-mia.blogspot.com x

  9. Hy! I like your bag! Thanks your lovely comment on my blog! I wait for you another time! :)
    Have a nice week!

  10. It is so interesting to hear what other people have in their bag, great post =)

  11. Do you know that you can tell about your personality within the bag you carry?
    You look like a lovely girl! :)beijosssss


  12. everything is so nice! i love that bag!!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  13. thank you for the blog visit. following you back!

  14. I dont think I could survive with a bag so small!

  15. love harajuku lovers!

    check out my blog
    and follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat x

  16. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    i love harajuku lovers, i really want there perfumes! xxx

  17. That is such an adorable little purse! You hold way more fabulous stuff in there than I ever could! ;)

  18. your lamb bag is totally cute! i think i need to give false lashes a try again.

  19. It's so much fun seeing everyone's different opinions, if anyone else does a bag contents post please link us, we love to have a nosey!


  20. I'm spotting an Edward Cullen (Rob :D) picture :D

  21. This bag defines you, love! I need to do me a bag post although depending on the day of the week there could be all sorts of shiz inside...hmmm! Love this post x

  22. wow hard to believe all that fits into one small gorgeous bag!

    xx cindy


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