Thursday 24 February 2011

So last time we featured the amazing Caaaaaamden stylings of The Rock Boutique it caused a bit of a stir, so here we are again but this time with an actual haul of these gorgeous 80's style off the shoulder sweats, a hooded tank and muscle tank fresh from Jack's table :) Being us, we are totally planning outfit posts around these for this weekend but we just couldn't withhold the goods until then. Let the oggling commence...

It has a unicorn on it - SQUEEE!

I like to think this is what my heart would look like if I was cut open by McDreamy...

My fave grey marl with an RB twist.

Off the shoulder sweats don't get much cuter than this - sailor girl!

We just love how much love goes into the RB goodies, each one is individually printed so no two items are the same. You can find The Rock Boutique in Topshop Oxford Circus and online at Crystal Inc Boutique, plus if you join the Facebook group, you might hear whisperings of owner Jack creating his very own webby! Hey Jack! *waves* ;)

J - thinking The Rock Boutique should definitely rock more boutiques up this way!


  1. I love each & every one of them! I am a sweatshirt fanatic and that collar is fabulous. So versatile & the designs are just AMAZING!
    Of course you look jaw droppingly beautiful in the leopard print!
    Thanks for the post! I love this company & think they are going to explode in the near future! Thanks again for pointing my fashion compass in the right direction! We will return the favor one day I hope!!

  2. Thanks Lara!

    Stacey they are definitely going to be huge. And you are a style goddess, you discover the shizziest of goodies that we covet!


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