Thursday, 24 February 2011

Last week I sat at my desk and spied yet another MASSIVE chip in my polish. It's heartbreaking, especially when your mani is only 2 days old, but it's life as a girl right? WRONG! Enter Rebel Nails wraps, heavenly packs of 16 nail wrap films that claim to last up to 14 days (as I write this I'm only on day 3 so I can't confirm that just yet!). As leopard print is my life, I immediately went for the Beige Cheetah Fur style, £6.99 for my first go (prices start from just £2.99). After watching the tutorial video on the Rebel Nails webby, I set to work. 15 easy mins later and I was done. For my first application I was super impressed, both with myself and the wraps! No mess, amazingly easy to use, and in my opinion, a gorgeous result! What do you think?

Friends have actually grabbed my hands with squeals of 'OMG who did your nails?!' thinking the intricate design was nail art!

To the touch, they just feel like glossy varnish as opposed to a foreign part sitting atop your nails and 3 days in they show no sign of going anywhere. For me, this is possibly the most exciting beauty find this year. Hassle free, affordable AND fun (I can't tell you how many of the fab patterns are on my to buy list!). If they truly last 14 days then I don't mind paying the price of a low-mid range nail polish each time, because trust me, applying these films sure beats the time taken and disappointment that a full home nail polish session can mean to us girls with busy lives!

Rebel Nails RAWR!

J - bring on the snakeskin.


  1. seriously now! these nails are gorgeous! and those rings!! <3

    thanks for following my blog. I follow you from now. kiss!

  2. Wow wow wow!! I love them and an extra mark for choosing leopard print

  3. Wooow i love lepard print defietly getting this :D Rings are gorgeous too:) thanks for following, deff following you now :D xx

  4. Thanks guys! I love my nails, they are amazing!

    The rings are all from Republic, and I got them last weekend so they're recent in case you want to go peek.

    Thanks for the comments and follows! Mwah!

  5. They're fanfreakintastic!!! If they last 14 days then I will be forced to go out and spend obscene amounts of money on them!! You'll have to do an update! :)

  6. I LOVE these. They look amazing, may have to give them a go. I have the least steady hands known to man, so these could be a solution...

  7. Ooh really cute! Looking great xx

  8. HAWWTT nails :)

    Thanks for my blog comment, make sure you follow as I'm doing a blog giveaway every month starting in March! ;)xx

  9. Just to let you know I'm doing a GIVEAWAY! On my site!
    Over £100 worth of products to be won!
    You should enter! :)
    Sara xx

  10. these are the best wraps i've seen yet. they look amazing! :) x

  11. Ladies, just so you know, this is day 6/7 and they are still going strong!

    J x

  12. The nails and the rings, awesome combo...thanks for the heads up on the Rebel site and for the comment! Lovin this blog! x

  13. I won some of these in a twitter comp but not had chance to try them out but after seeing yours i'm definitely going to try it. Thanks for the follow! xx


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