Jeffrey Campbell Lita Fur Boots at Solestruck - THUD.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I want these in my bed. That is all.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Fur in Pink Cheetah, $194.95 at Solestruck.

Image as credited.

J - Serious shoe lust.


  1. We are going to be getting SIX different styles of LITA in
    and gals in UK and Europe won't have all that silly Duty Tax to pay like with US sites...bonus!

    They will be at Doll Boutique- within the next couple of weeks!! ahh!

    Along with styles Foxy, Big Girl and Daisy D.

    Check it out here-

  2. Hurrah! Thanks Patz for Doll Boutique! Mwah x x x

  3. WOW you're really creative :) Loving the blog =P please subscribe to:
    thanks xoxo


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